Published on Aug. 23 2007


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4017 23RD AVE S W

Badcock Furniture
11853 Collier Blvd Naples


(239) 455-8777


4017 23RD AVE S W


Home page: Wikipedia Entry: Badcock_Home_Furniture

For more information, contact Badcock Home Furnishings corporate at:

1-800-BADCOCK (223-2625)
Mailing Address:
W.S. Badcock Corporation
P.O. Box 497
Mulberry, Florida 33860

Badcock Furniture can be reached at (239) 455-8777 11853 Collier Blvd Naples, FL 34116-6539

Bedding, Beds, Counter Tops, Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment Household, Furniture,


Recently, my husband opened an account with Badcock Furniture in Aberdeen, NC. This is the only store I can comment on. The delivery service was horrible. We were told that we would have our furniture between 1 pm - 5 pm on a certain day. Therefore, we had thrown away all our old bedroom set(s) (mine and my daughter's). My husband stayed home all day to 8 pm calling back and forth and being told they were on their way to they would be there in 15 minutes, to they are back at the store loading the furniture. At around 9 pm, they called and told us once again they were going back to the store to get our furniture. They asked if it would be okay for them to come late around 11 pm. We said, "Yes", because I am 7 months pregnant and I needed a bed to sleep on. We stayed up to after 11 pm and then received a phone call saying they were not coming because their supervisor wouldn't let them come back out. Several days later, when my husband was off from work; he drove to the place to pick up our furniture. All the furniture was not there. Wrong parts were ordered and had to be re-ordered. I still had no bed. Several days later, the parts came in. However, no bolts for the mirror for one of the sets. I called the store and was informed that they are ordering them, but it will be a week before (once again), they can deliver the bolts to us.

I would never recommend this Badcock Furniture store to any of my friends nor my enemies. I hope the rest of the Badcock locations do not run like this one. on Mar. 9 2010

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