Things for kids to do in Naples Florida (Collier County) - a map!

Published on Aug. 12 2008
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Kid friendly things to do in Naples - interactive map

March 16, 2009: I'm keeping the original map from platial at the bottom, but since few Naples FL folks use it, I'm putting my new Naples Events map here on top: it'll be more useful. Please wait a few seconds for it to load.

To skip the map stuff, click Naples Calendar Feed

Original map on this page (always updated, but few people use that service right now)


Udut, Kenneth
Map is now fixed! on Dec. 27 2008
Udut, Kenneth
There's more for kids to do in Naples besides what's on this map. If you see any good online links to places listing things for kids to do, "Add Comment" here and it'll help other people as well. on Jan. 17 2009
Udut, Kenneth
FEB 1ST 2009: Kids sports (Naples) - registrations are beginning! on Feb. 2 2009
Udut, Kenneth
Feed of today's kids events:

Things for kids to do in Naples (storytime - etc): on Mar. 25 2009
Great Thanks!

Just what my 3 year old wanted to do on this gorgeous wednesday! We started with the diabetes screening, then headed over to the art show for some nude exhibits (it was time for the sex talk anyway), then finished it off with organic produce at the Market! Wonderful Map! on Mar. 4 2010
Catherine MacMillan
Kids need fun, busy, outdoor, 'kid' things to do.... even in the land of 'fun and sun' in Florida! Check out Things to do in Naples with Kids and Label on Mar. 25 2012

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