Published on Aug. 3 2009

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5150 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL #100

5150 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL #100
Registered by: SHOWS, KIM A. (QUALIFIER)

The CC ID # is: 80297


RBC should really stand for Royal Band of ClusterF***ers. Here's a reason why. In 2008 a relative of mine bought a home in Sarasota. She had 70% 1st mortgage and a 20% 2nd mortgage, putting 10% down. The transaction closed in the end of June. Some $8.00/hr clock watcher entered her 2nd mortgage into their system with a payment due date of July 7, not more than a week after the transaction closed. That payment should not have been due until August. By the end of July she was getting delinquency notices already! She contacted her local RBC retail branch in early August, but they were unable to fix the problem due to RBC's barely high school educated staff at their Rocky Mount, NC office. So now by late August: -through no fault of her own, her account was delinquent and RBC was reporting her as late on her payment to the 3 major Credit Bureaus. Only the intercession of her original loan officer (who prepared the transaction correctly) forced RBC in NC to fix the due date issue and issue corrections to the Credit Bureaus during mid-October. Unfortunately the corrective measures were of little help correcting her credit scores. RBC in Canada, is a world class bank; RBC USA is putting lip-stick on a pig and entering it in a county fair beauty contest. They should be avoided for your own protection! on Feb. 23 2011

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