Animal Control

Published on Nov. 3 2010
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239-465-9291 Removal of nuisance animals by Affordable Trapping Naples FL

Wildlife that has become a nuisance is hard to control.

Raccoons can be running rampid. You may be finding armadillos digging holes in your lawn, mulch, garden. Rats may be overtaking your attic or palm trees. Your home could have gaps allowing these critters access.

You can call Ken at 239-465-9291 for Affordable Trapping. We serve Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island, Florida

We've been doing it since 2003, and have satisfied customers from every corner of Collier County and Bonita Springs.

We're no-nonsense. We're effective. We don't dilly-dally - we get it done, so you can get back to your life.

Palm rats (rodents / roof rats)





dead animal removal

home exclusion

We can give you peace of mind for $40.00 - we can check your home or business and see if you are free of rodentia or if you have a problem that needs us. We're honest, family owned and operated (just me (Ken) and Mike) and we live in the same area you do. We're not from out of town, or dispatched from a place far far away. We're here. We're available. We're dedicated.


NOTE: No alligators, coyotes or large dogs please. Florida Wildlife will refer you to Dave Regal for the gator. We've handled coyotes in the past but our prices are so reasonable that it wasn't worth the hassle. Big dogs are handled by Collier County Domestic Anima Servi.

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