Natural Septic Tank Additives - 72 Septic Tank Treatments

Published on Mar. 7 2011
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Septic-Helper 2000 - 800-929-2722 - All natural septic system treatment of bacteria and enzymes for septic tank cleaning and to pass the new mandated drain field and septic system inspections required in all 50 states.

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Comments on June 29 2011
Gerald N

We just wanted to say that we have been very happy users of your Septic-Helper 2000 product for our septic systems. we have a dual septic system for our home and since we have been using your products (for approximately 2 years now) we have not experienced any problems such as backups or odors emanating from our tanks. We look forward to receiving our next shipment and are happy to try the Enza Laundry Balls in order to eliminate the chemicals used in washing our laundry from our septic system. We ope to be customers will into the future. Sincerely, Gerald N

WashBallsLG.jpg on Dec. 8 2011

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