Published on June 24 2011
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Company Overview Ackerman Community Management is a full-service property management company serving HOAs in the greater Naples, Florida area. We_re here to enable you, your fellow board members, your loved ones and your neighbors to relax and enjoy all the pleasures of community life while we attend to all your association and property management needs.

We_re committed to raising and then exceeding your expectations of a property management company such that we do business together for many years to come. Contact us to learn how we can provide you with exceptional financial management, administrative, legal, insurance, maintenance and operational service in a friendlier, more timely manner than you perhaps thought possible.

Here_s what sets us apart from others:

_ Personal attention. We_re a small, privately-owned company committed to building personal, long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve. You can always count on having one of us, the owners, Christy or Kevin Ackerman, personally attend to your needs and concerns.

_ State-of-the-art communication. We_ve invested in the best of the new technologies to ensure we_re reachable 24/7. Whether we_re in the office or out in the field, we always have our 3G smart phones, iPads, and computer-assisted property management software at our fingertips.

_ Fiscal fastidiousness. We constantly look for ways to minimize your operating costs while maximizing the appeal and value of your property. We know how to make high impact improvements. We_re exceptionally skillful at negotiation. We ensure that you get outstanding value from every vendor and contractor.

_ Ultra-secure data management. We do more than manage and store your association_s administrative, financial, operational and resident information. We protect it from corruption or loss by backing it up in three separate, highly-secure geographic locations on a daily basis.

_ Board friendliness. We_ve served on HOA boards and know how demanding your role can be. Count on us to help you navigate every conceivable challenge along the way with empathy, sound advice and, refreshingly, a sense of humor. SERVICES

Our primary goal is to help you, your fellow board members, your loved ones and your neighbors enjoy life in an attractive, peaceful, smoothly-running community with minimal effort at minimal cost. Read about our full range of services to learn exactly how we achieve this goal.

SERVICES: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Accuracy, prudence and transparency are the values that guide our financial stewardship. We employ CPA standards and state-of-the-art software to accurately account for all assets and transactions. We conduct thorough due diligence and obtain multiple bids before assigning contracts. Twice a month we visit your designated board member_s home to have him or her sign all bills and checks.

An added advantage for you and your board members: our VP, Kevin Ackerman. Given his years of property maintenance work with one of Naples_ most prestigious country clubs, he is expert at judging bids for and managing landscaping, maintenance and repairs within million-dollar-plus budgets.

Annual Budget. Each year, starting around October or November, we analyze, prepare and manage your association_s budget for the upcoming twelve months. We list all current, consistent contracts, estimate anticipated variances and increases, and plan for unexpected expenses, even making a line item of foreclosure property upkeep. We also ensure that sufficient funds are put aside for major improvements such as painting, roof replacement, road repaving, and pool remodeling.

Banking. We establish, maintain and reconcile your association_s operating, reserve and other bank accounts. If we are replacing the property management company you currently have, we help ensure the smooth transition of signatories on your accounts.

Collections. We set up and maintain systems for collecting association fees, assessments and other charges. For optimal security, we use the lock box system for collecting payments by post. Homeowners mail their dues and other payments to a post office box. The bank transfers those funds twice daily to your association_s account. We go online to view that account activity and update our ledgers and reports. Note: If you create a website for your association, you can opt to install software that enables homeowners to make payments online, as well.

Delinquencies. If and when homeowners are in arrears, we mail out letters of lateness and delinquency and, as necessary, take the appropriate, board-approved steps to collect unpaid fees or assessments. In some cases, this can mean working with your association_s attorney to quickly attach liens on foreclosure properties to optimize your chances of reclaiming some portion of the owner_s unpaid funds.

Disbursements. Twice monthly, we make payments for recurring budgeted expenses and for any other bills or financial obligations of the Association. For maximum transparency and security, we visit your designated association board member_s home twice monthly and have him or her sign all invoices and checks.

Reserve Study Analysis. Every three years, as required by law, we examine your reserves to ensure that they are consistent with your property_s replacement value and sufficient to cover your insurance deductible.

Monthly Financial Reports. Each month, we deliver to your board your association_s most recent bank statements along with a financial report detailing cash flow, budget variances, income and expenses, and check disbursements. We report any violation or delinquency activities, as well, and notify the board of any immediate actions that may be needed.

SERVICES: ADMINISTRATION We_re planned community homeowners ourselves. We have served on association boards. By nature, we make responsiveness and attention to detail a high priority. Rest assured, when it comes to administering the business of your association and community, we work with a sense of urgency you have perhaps never seen before.

Communication. Call, fax, e-mail or text us. We_ve invested in state-of-the-art technology_iPads, smart phones and the 3G Wi-Fi network_to ensure that, wherever we are, in the office or out in the field, we are reachable 24 hour hours a day, seven days a week. We_ve also invested in advanced property management software that enables us to access paperless records, work orders, real time payments and all financial data from virtually any location.

Note: We check our voice mails and e-mails constantly. If we can_t respond the instant we receive them, we get back to you ASAP, usually within no more than four hours. Even after business hours, we guarantee that you, your fellow board members, and your neighbors will always be able to reach someone_if not us, then one of our after-hours call service representatives_who can address your concerns immediately or direct you to appropriate others.

Board Meetings. We handle the scheduling, logistics, preparation and mailing of notices, proxies, ballots and agendas for your board meetings in accordance with your association's declarations and by-laws. We attend and take notes at your association's annual board meeting. We meet with board members at other times to review financial reports and discuss goals and activities. If and when newly elected members have any questions for us, we gladly share our experience and knowledge (we_ve been board members ourselves) and provide them with all the legally-required documentation they need to perform their responsibilities.

Community Relations. We serve as the liaison between you and your community_s homeowners, tenants, vendors and other constituents, handling all communications, business affairs and day-to-day issues with professionalism, diplomacy, respect and tact. Our goal is to enable you to enjoy your own life within the community, and to reflect well upon you and your fellow board members, as well.

Record Maintenance and Data Back Up. We manage and store all of the association_s vital records: bank accounts, architectural reviews, governing documents, meeting minutes, financial reports, contracts, owner information, insurance documents, community violation reports, and more. To ensure the safety, integrity and accessibility of these records, we also back them up in three separate, highly secure locations across the country and in Canada. Even in the event of hurricane destruction, we can have your data back online within the same day.

Declarations & Bylaws. If you wish, we assist you and your fellow board members with developing, reviewing, interpreting and modifying your association's governing documents. We maintain and back up these records, of course, and can help you make them available to others through your community website.

Monthly Management Reports. Each month we provide the board with a complete report, in print and/or electronic form, of our activities over the previous 30 days: all the phone calls and e-mails we fielded, the contracting and work orders we handled, the violations we responded to, and more. This not only keeps you informed, but provides documentation that can be helpful in case of later complaints or litigation.

Property Management Company Transitioning. To ensure a smooth transition to our company, we contact your prior property management company to give the standard 30 to 90-day notice, and assist in acquiring their existing homeowner data, such as contact information, emails, financials, boxes in storage, and so forth. If the existing financial records are in disarray, we can, for an additional charge, assist in restoring them to good order.

Policy Enforcement. As your community liaison, we field all homeowner requests, complaints and disputes and do everything we can to resolve them in accordance with your association's governing rules and regulations. This includes documenting every aspect of each incident to create a record should there ever be a need for legal intervention.

SERVICES: LEGAL & INSURANCE Florida is a unique environment for planned communities. We_re subject to extensive, complex and ever-changing laws of operation. We_re unusually vulnerable to lightning storms and hurricanes. We have a population that expands and contracts with the seasons, leaving many homes vacant for months at a time. Given these factors, it_s critically important that we, as your property manager, address legal and insurance matters with exceptional care and thoroughness. Here is how we do so.

Legislative Compliance. Many property managers attend a continuing education class in community law on an annual basis. We attend such classes monthly. It enables us to respond more quickly to changes, such as those prompted by new laws regarding elevators, fire sprinklers, water restrictions, and other community features, that must be incorporated into the annual budget.

Counsel Relations. We work closely with your association_s attorney whenever information is needed to process violations, collections and insurance claims. If your board doesn_t already have an attorney, we can provide you with referrals and help you retain capable and reputable counsel. If you have an attorney that you_re not entirely satisfied with, we can help you determine how well he or she is actually performing for you and, if necessary, provide you with replacement referrals.

A case in point: while serving as an HOA board president, Christy Ackerman uncovered legal billing errors, omissions, overcharges and false charges that resulted in her being able to reduce the association_s $100,000 bill down to $20,000. Christy was also able to find an exceptionally good replacement for the attorney in question.

Insurance Procurement. Helping you secure and maintain appropriate insurance coverage from a reputable agency is one of the most important tasks we can perform for your community. We can review your existing policy to ensure that your liability coverage is adequate and that your damage and loss coverage is commensurate with your property_s replacement value. If necessary or advantageous, we can also help you replace your insurer by issuing RFPs to respected agents, supplying all the information necessary to get accurate quotes, and carefully reviewing multiple proposals.

Insurance Claims Processing. We record the facts surrounding all liability events, such as poolside slip and falls, through written and photographic documentation. We do the same to support your own claims for compensation (regarding weather-related or criminally-imposed damage, for instance). Should it become necessary, we provide this information to your association_s legal counsel to assist with litigation.

An added advantage for you: Christy Ackerman_s legal experience. Prior to her management career, she supported a multi-attorney law firm with client relations, document drafting, trial preparation, confidential document delivery, and mediation assistance.

SERVICES: MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS We take great pride in maintaining the smooth functionality and attractiveness of your community for several reasons: it_s VP Kevin Ackerman_s greatest area of expertise; it_s the area in which our caring attention to detail is visible to everyone; and it_s fun. We truly enjoy doing whatever it takes to help your residents enjoy their homes. Here are the services we provide along these lines.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections. We walk your property at least once weekly to detect any needed repairs, safety hazards, or code violations. We immediately alert you to any actions that may be required. We document our visits within our monthly management report. Important to note: our vehicles are clearly marked with our company logo, so you and your neighbors will always know it_s us taking a careful look at your homes.

Fire Inspections. The law requires that fire suppression inspections and testing be conducted throughout your community at least once a year. We keep you in compliance by hiring and then accompanying the inspectors on their rounds, immediately alerting you to and handling any fire hazards or liabilities, and documenting all of these activities and results in our monthly management reports.

Contractor Procurement. We negotiate and manage the contracts for all aspects of your property_s operation and maintenance: utilities, trash collection, landscaping, pest control, pressure cleaning, and more.

For above-budget repairs, we obtain multiple bids and personally inspect the completed work before disbursing funds. For routine maintenance, we evaluate the quality and value of services being provided by your current contractors and alert you to any changes we feel may be necessary or advantageous. For all work, we ensure that our vendors demonstrate all the necessary requirements for working with us, such as legal status, tax IDs, and certificates of liability and workers_ compensation insurance.

Equipment. In addition to managing contractors, we purchase all the equipment, materials and supplies needed to properly maintain your property on a day-to-day basis and keep an inventory of those items on file.

Project Management. We plan, oversee and inspect all aspects of community projects, be they repairs, replacements, improvements, upgrades, or expansions. This includes handling each project_s financing, proposal reviews, contract administration, site inspection, vendor activity and progress reports, as well as interacting with our Collier County code enforcement agencies when necessary.

We can_t overstate how fastidious we are about getting the best results possible on every project. Whether it_s repaving roads, redoing the community_s irrigation system or landscaping, painting the clubhouse or refinishing a pool deck, we monitor the project constantly to ensure that we_re getting top quality work from our contractors. If we see anything less_substandard materials, shortcut work-arounds, or omissions_we don_t disburse funds until the appropriate corrections are made.

SERVICES: RESIDENTS Acting as the liaison between your association_s board members and your community_s residents is a role we genuinely enjoy. We_re friendly by nature. We want homeowners to know that they can always come to us for answers or help and that they can count on us to be caring, compassionate and responsive. This makes a huge difference in the quality of life they experience and ultimately contributes to the greater stability of the community.

New Residents. We welcome new homeowners or tenants to your community with the same warmth and friendliness we accord to current residents. If a realtor hasn_t done so already, we provide newcomers with your association_s rules and regulations, cheerfully answer any questions they may have, and let them know how to reach us.

Optional: Background Checks. Generally, realtors or homeowners perform the credit and background checks needed for those to whom they lease a home. If you have a homeowner who needs assistance in this area, however, just let us know. We_ll be glad to do it for them for a nominal fee.

What Makes Us Different

Property management companies vary not only in their size, corporate structure and breadth of services, but also in their character and strengths. Here are a few of the qualities that set us apart from others in the Naples area.

_ Personal attention. We_re a small company focused on developing long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve. You can always count on having one of us, the owners, Christy or Kevin Ackerman, personally attend to your needs and concerns.

_ State-of-the-art communication. We take every advantage of the new technologies to make ourselves accessible 24/7. We bring our smart phones and iPads with us everywhere, and can access our computer-assisted property management software from the field as well as in the office.

_ Responsiveness. More often than not, you_ll reach us on the first try. If we can_t respond immediately, we get back to you ASAP: usually within four hours, always within 24.

_ Unrivaled expertise. As you can see from our backgrounds, we bring a rare and highly advantageous mix of professional experience_legal, managerial, environmental, fiscal and moreto our work as property managers.

_ Financial Prudence. Saving money and getting the best value for the dollar is a challenge we relish. We_re constantly on the lookout for ways to minimize your operating costs while maximizing the appeal and value of your property.

_ Ultra-secure data management. We safeguard your critically important and sometimes sensitive administrative, financial, operational and resident information by backing it up to three high-security data storage locations in North America. Even after a hurricane, we can have your documents available again within a day.

_ Board friendliness. We consider ourselves partners with you and your fellow board members. We_re here to help you in any way we can, and are always happy to share with you our experience and knowledge about HOA association management.

Our Promises

24/7 accessibility. We promise to respond to your phone calls, e-mails, texts or faxes either immediately or as quickly as possible
usually within four hours and always within twenty-four.

Timely turnarounds. We promise to respect your needs and requests by working with a sense of urgency and completing all tasks in a timely manner.

Quality assurance. We promise to demand of our contractors and vendors top quality work and to only sign off on projects when and as we receive it.

Financial security. We promise to manage your financial assets with complete transparency, as outlined in Florida statutes and community documents, and for complete security, to restrict disbursement-of-funds authority solely to your designated board member.

Visual presence. We promise to walk your property on a weekly basis, always making our watchful presence known to residents by the graphics on our vehicles, and always alerting you as quickly as possible to any needed actions.

Foresight. We promise to keep abreast of state and local governance laws, weather reports, and events affecting your community such that we can anticipate future needs and required actions as quickly as possible.

Eco-Stewardship We treasure and are deeply committed to preserving Florida_s natural eco-systems, wildlife habitats and native flora. Here_s how we care for them.

_ We aim for a _paperless office,_ using technology wherever possible to exchange and store information. _ We utilize only safe, eco-friendly pest control methods and, though rarely necessary, take the most humane measures possible to handle unwanted animal intruders.

_ We incorporate only native or native-friendly plant species into our landscape designs. _ We conserve water by using rain sensory irrigation systems.

Copyright 2011 by Christy and Kevin Ackerman. All rights reserved.

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