Aromhuset Cola Soda Concentrate Now at Amazon UK for that 80% Less Sugary Soda Treat

Published on Apr. 4 2013
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Aromhuset, a leading producer of flavours and concentrates for carbonated water in the United Kingdom, is now selling its Cola Concentrate via Amazon UK.

Svedala (I-Newswire) April 3, 2013 - Soda pops, also called sodas or soft drinks, are considered one of the most popular beverages all over the world. Heavily advertised as the tastiest way to quench that thirst, soda pops come in a variety of flavours and brands with legions of product consumers. The popularity of soda pops over the years was not without challenges, as health advocates have pointed to the steep calorie count and high levels of sugar that the beverage contains.

To address such issue, soda pop manufacturers all over the world have introduced sugarless soft drinks. While so, many still crave for the real deal because, despite claims of lessened sweetness without compromising the soda pop taste, consumers simply experience the opposite of how home carbonated water should be.

Aromhuset of Sweden, a leading name in the UK beverage flavours industry, has manufactured its own version of home carbonated soft drinks concentrate. Offered in consumer or bulk packaging, the home carbonated drink is now available at Amazon UK, with the Aromhuset Classic Cola Soda Concentrate and the Aromhuset Zero Sugar Cola Soda Concentrate as flagship products.

The Aromhuset of Sweden soda concentrate for home carbonated water has 80% less sugar - but still tastes like real soda pop. The product contains fibre that makes soda pops far healthier than usual. Moreover, the Aromhuset of Sweden drinks also offers the largest assortment of 14 flavours for its carbonated water - all sweet as soda pop with sweetener sucralose that does not bring about side effects on taste, body or calories. The flavor is sweet and refreshing. It adds great smell and taste to carbonated water.

For that perfect home carbonated soda concoction, users simply need to add 40 ml of the Aromhuset of Sweden flavour to each litre of cold carbonated water. The soda concentrate works with all home carbonating machines.

To find out more about the Aromhuset of Sweden home carbonated soft drinks concentrate, please visit for information and orders.

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About Aromhuset of Sweden: A leading beverage flavour company in Europe, The Aromhuset of Sweden offers the soda concentrate for home carbonated water, which boasts of 80% less sugar but 100% real soda pop taste. Serving the consumer market since 1974, the company slogan lives up to its slogan: "As It Should Taste."

Company Contact Information Aromhuset of Sweden Thomas Strom Svarvaregatan 3 233 51 Svedala Sweden Phone : 0046 40 6202186

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