Published on May 26 2013
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Massive Benefits Are Expected When You Go Green through Solar Power, Says Arizona Solar Installation Pros

Phoenix, Arizona, May 26, 2013 _ Arizona Solar Installation Pros is encouraging Arizona residents to go green and go solar for their homes and businesses because of the massive benefits they can get not only in environmental terms.

_There are many ways to go green and solar for your home or business,_ says Arizona Solar Installation Pros. _But the most common is to have solar panel installation on your roof._

Using the solar power is one of the best ways to go green because this is very friendly to the environment. There is no smoke emissions needed just to produce electricity for the homes and businesses. This is the most common benefit of going solar.

According to Arizona Solar Installation Pros, there are other massive benefits to expect when installing solar panels for homes and businesses and going green. _You can save a lot of money because you are spared from monthly electric bills. This means you become more and more independent from the electrical company. And aside from that, you can get the best rebates, tax breaks and service from us. You get cool solar rebates starting at $2 per watt and you also get federal investment solar tax credit equal to 30% of your total solar equipment costs._ In other words, there are also financial benefits to expect when going green and solar.

Arizona Solar Installation Pros also encourages going green and solar because they believe that Arizona has the ideal climate for solar power installation. As stated by them on their website, _If you live in Arizona it is very likely you have more than 4,000 hours of sunshine in a year which is perfect for solar energy. With this, combined with our rebates and services, going solar is the ideal solution for the rising cost of electricity and energy bills._

Aside from the financial benefits of going green and solar, home and business owners in Arizona can also benefit from great solar installation service if they choose Arizona Solar Installation Pros as their local dealer. According to Arizona Solar Installation Pros, _We provide excellent customer education about solar energy and the equipment used for harnessing solar power, we have expert installers to work without disruption, all paperwork is explained to the homeowner, installations are quick and operating the equipment is very easy. We also offer the most updated solar power equipment models with the best warranty above all other brands as well as our solar power equipment are maintained far less than any other alternative energy equipment source. Most importantly, installations are licensed, bonded and are insured._

In other words, another benefit of going green and solar is because it is easy to avail of with Arizona Solar Installation Pros.

About Arizona Solar Installation Pros:

Arizona solar Installation Pros is a local solar installation dealer serving all of Maricopa County in Phoenix, Az. The company has the reputation of being one of the most trusted names in the business with the most solar power installation jobs in the state and known to have the most up to date installation techniques and solar power equipment servicing Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Prescott, Tucson, Sedona and Flagstaff.

Looking for solar power energy Solutions? Read more about Arizona Solar Installation Pros by visiting their website here

Company Name: Arizona Solar Installation Pros Author: Donnie Mcaffee Full Contact Details: Arizona Solar Installation Pros 5025 N Central Ave Phoenix, Az 85012 602.680.4341

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