Factors to consider while opting for Log Book Loans

Published on Apr. 22 2014
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Loans have become easier to procure than before. There is great demand for easy and quick finances as he developing economy requires many funds to support expanding businesses.

Loans have become easier to procure than before. There is great demand for easy and quick finances as he developing economy requires many funds to support expanding businesses. Earlier, the only source of obtaining loans was from banks. Bank loans were hard to get and charged high rates of interest. Further, it was nearly impossible for users to obtain bank loans, as they were extended only to privileged customers and not to all. It was quite hard for a new trader or an aspiring businessman to obtain soft loans for their businesses. Individual were even more affected as they did not have proper income proof to prove their repayment capacity. However, in the modern world, things have changed with Log book loans. It is possible for anybody to obtain loans easily if they have possession of valuable property.

Sources of obtaining loans There are various lending institutions that have now emerged in the business of providing loans funds to individuals and small scale businesses. Car owners have the option of pledging their cars to secure loans. Security is any property which is pledged against a loan as assurance for its repayment. If the borrower fails to repay the loan amount including the interest, the security provided by him will become the property of the lending institution. They are entitled to sell it or to own it at their desire. However, most lending institutions sell their repossessed collateral security in order to realize their loans funds quickly without much deprecation in value.

Determining the loan amount The loan amount approved to a customer is based on the market value of the property which he pledges. The valuation of such property will be done by a professional surveyor or valuator as employed by the lending institution. The market value of the car, number of years it has been used, the modifications and alterations made on it, etc are considered before allotting the loan amount. Once the vehicle is approved for loan it becomes hypothecated to the lending company. The borrower continues to have the possession of the car but is not allowed to sell or exchange it without the permission of the lending company.

Advantages of Log book loans These loans are very similar in nature to payday advances. Any individual with a positive credit rating can obtain a loan quickly and easily. There will be minimal procedures involved for borrowers with good financial assets. Individuals with poor credit history or rating will have to undergo extensive procedures as all lending institutions are keen on preventing bad losses or defaulting borrowers. Loans can be obtained directly from the log book loan companies. Of late most of the lending institutions have also launched their exclusive web domains from where all details pertaining to interest rates, loan amount, etc can be obtained easily. Application forms and other document requirements are also listed in the websites. However, one may have to visit the lending company in person to sign the loan agreement before the amount is transferred.

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