Types of Maintenance Managers

Published on May 4 2014
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Lets first of all get the facts out of the way as this is the most important information that people seek when looking for jobs. Maintenance manager jobs pay about $58K per year and also has all the benefits of a nice salary paid job. Benefits include health, dental, and retirement options such as a 401k. There are a few qualifications that you will need to suffice in order to be a considered candidate. The qualifications include having 5-7 years in a factory environment, high school diploma and a bachelors degree would really help, electrical and and mechanical skills are needed, and you must have team leading experience as well as some management experience.

The job mainly consists of assisting the plant managers carry out projects. As a manager you are in charge of a group of employees and it is your job to motivate them to do a good job and work together. This is where team leadership skills come into play and are so important. You must be able to manage in a good way and help your team accomplish tasks and goals because as the manager you are judged according to your team.

You are also in charge of having your team do preventative maintenance on machinery and electrical systems. It is also your job to make sure your factory is in compliance with safety laws that fall under OSHA and NFPA guidelines. By understanding the factory atmosphere you can be a very valuable asset to your employer as you will be helping things to run smoothly.

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