Beatles Walking Tour in London

Published on May 7 2014
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We took a Magical Mystery Tour throughout our visit to London. We discovered a pamphlet publicizing a walking tour that might take guests to numerous areas essential to the profession of the Beatles.

At ten o'clock one morning we met our aide Richard and something like two dozen different Beatles fans simply outside the studio where the first Beatles' motion picture Yellow Submarine was made. Richard had composed a book about the Beatles and had a cover of photographs he had taken of the popular quartet. He was a veritable walking reference book of Beatles trivia. He let us know Yellow Submarine is one of Queen Elizabeth's most loved movies.

The second stop on our tour was the distributed organization MPL which is possessed by Paul Mccartney. The M stands for his last name and the P and L for his first name and that of his late wife Linda. The music organization is fiercely effective. It claims the rights to several famous melodies and in addition the scores to musicals like Annie and Grease.

Next Richard headed us to a Gentleman's Washroom sign denoting the area of an open latrine. Obviously in 1966 John Lennon staged a visitor presentation on a British TV program. In one scene John was recorded going into that specific washroom. It was on this network show John wore his mark granny glasses shockingly. Those glasses began a style fever which kept ticking for quite some time. Richard additionally let us know some ambitious individual kept the move of tissue John Lennon utilized within the Gentleman's Washroom that day. It went marked down on E- Bay for many pounds.

The highlight of the tour was our visit to the Abbey Road studio where maybe the most well known Beatles collection Abbey Road was recorded. The title page of that collection demonstrates the four vocalists walking over the road at a passerby crosswalk. The crossing point is really very occupied with activity however I held up tolerantly with the Polaroid to get a picture of my spouse crossing the road at the precise spot where the Beatles had their portrait taken for the Abbey Road Album spread.

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