Carson Misjudges Abortion Pill as Contraceptive for use against Pregnancy on Incest or Rape

Published on Aug. 31 2015
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Ben Carson, the Republican presidential candidate said that women getting pregnant from incest or rape should be able to access emergency room for _abortion pill_.

August 24, 2015 (Label): Ben Carson, the Republican presidential candidate said that women getting pregnant from incest or rape should be able to access emergency room for _abortion pill_. This comment was in response to the anchor of _Your World with Neil Cavuto_ of Fox News Channel, when he asked Carson about his belief on abortion in instance of rape or incest on women.

Carson in his initial minutes of the interview was of the opinion that such females should take ru486 before the chance of developing fetus. The medicine is accounted as chemical pregnancy ending medicine by anti-abortion groups. The tablet can be used between 5 to 7 weeks of pregnancy, which kills unborn babies whose heart beat has already started.

This though was projected by the website of The National Right to Life. Susan. B. Anthony List group also was against abortion pills, which the members of the community think as dangerous for the health of women. Cavuto was encouraged to ask Carson that if he believes in life at conception or not. Carson responded that he certainly believes in the fact once the heart of the fetus begins to beat.

Thus, his statement confused others in understanding that Ben was pro or against Mifepristone ending pregnancy after conception. The ru486 tablet loosens uterus off pregnancy parts, causing the fetus life to end completely. The medicine cannot work as contraceptive and should not used to control birth. But, an email dropped to the Carson_s campaign has not yet reverted with any clarification.

A spokesperson of Planned Parenthood on talking about the fetal tissues price on medical research, posted that Ben had mistaken morning-after pill and emergency contraception with ru486. The spokesperson said that emergency contraception was effective and safe method in preventing pregnancy, and should be taken in 120 hours or 5 days from an unprotected intercourse. But, it is for controlling birth and not ending an already existing pregnancy, as it cannot interfere otherwise. Carson seems to have misquoted emergency contraceptive as abortion pill. The latter is used to cease a pregnancy old 4 to 9 weeks of gestation with hormones. The Mifepristone alters cervix and cuts oxygen and nutrition off the unborn child.

Because of the mechanism, fetus dies on the womb. After 1 or 3 days another product is needed to cease the pregnancy away from uterus satisfactorily. The Misoprostol is a secondary tablet that contracts womb to make embryo further weaker in womb and evicted from vagina. The contractions caused leads to heavy menstrual bleeding.

Being a retired neurosurgeon, Ben Carson_s views on pregnancy ending abortion pills hit the headlines this Thursday when a former counterpart write in a blog saying that in 1992, Carson was involved in studying fetal brain sections obtained from pregnancy termination. Ben has been indignant at Planned Parenthood that conducted sting video operation on him.

The videos showed several officials discussing fetal tissue price needed for medical research. But, Carson defended himself by saying that he is against killing of fetus in womb with abortion pill, but not opposed to studying a dead specimen, which could reveal useful factors in medical science. He said that his intent was different than advocating for the use of Misoprostol in ceasing fetus by will.

Carson said that others should not ignore the evidence for faulty ideological reasoning. He is not agreeing to the consumption of abortion pill by females who want to kill the baby intentionally. The fetus tissue pricing was discussed for only medical reason to keep a record of finding from dead specimen rather than forcefully meaning to induce pregnancy termination by abortion pills.

He also debated that human tissue study has helped them have longer lifespan, and that his efforts should not be called as supported of abortion pills in any ways. Carson said that because of tissue studies on multiple fronts, the average death age from 47 has been raised to 80, and that is not a dumb thing, but a smart thing, which the researchers have done.

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