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fabulous English bulldog puppies

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Pet adoption scams. This is believed to be a puppy mill or a get-money-from-you scam. If I have placed this here by mistake, let me know, but I leave these here as a warning.

We have fabulous English bulldog puppies for sale at this time. We specialize in exquisite quality English bulldogs with supreme health. Thick, short legs, barreled bodies, super broad chests, fabulous heads and wrinkles galore.Prices include shipping, shipping crate, up to date shots and worming, 2 year health guarantee, training book, Lifetime Lost/Stolen credit and microchip. Ask more about it today!

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Make sure who you buy your capuchin monkeys, teacup puppies, english bulldogs or whatever you like - is LOCAL. Caveat Emptor - if it seems too good to be true...
fabulous English bulldog puppies