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Baby Marmoset Monkeys for Adoption

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Pet adoption scams. This is believed to be a puppy mill or a get-money-from-you scam. If I have placed this here by mistake, let me know, but I leave these here as a warning.

Baby Marmoset Monkeys for Adoption

My husband Pastor David and I , are giving out out Cute baby Marmosets for Adoption to any Christian , pet loving and caring family no matter where ever they might be. Our Babies are house raised, diaper trained, leash trained , wears clothes and likes to lay around, watch TV and take snaps with you. Please contact for more information on these babies . They are vaccinated, obedient, intelligent, acrobatic, very healthy and loves the company of children and other pets . wear clothes , likes to lay around and take snaps with you.

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Cody on Nov. 20 2010 edit · delete
Would like to adopt a monkey from you if any are available please let me know at thank you
ALAN SPINNER on Nov. 24 2010 edit · delete
I would like more information about adopting a Marmoset from you...Please contact me at My wife and I live in TX just outside Houston and she used to be a vet tech. We absolutely love animals.
Emily Bolton on Dec. 7 2010 edit · delete
  • Dec 6 I would like to adopt one of your monkeys. If you could please contact me at my E-mail adress I would aprretiate it, Thanks.

David on Jan. 11 2011 edit · delete
Hey we are interest in learning about adopting a monkey. We have 3 kids and we always have wanted a pet monkey.. Please email me if you will.. Would really love to here from you thanks

Thanks Lee family
We got scammed too  on Jan. 25 2011 edit · delete
we got scammed as well call western union and have your transpher stopped.
Shanna  on Jan. 25 2011 edit · delete
I was just scammed by these people lots of post about there baby monkey for sale but it is a scam. please don't let them get you to. watch out for anything coming from.
Hayley Borovich on Feb. 28 2011 edit · delete
I love to learn how to adopt a pet moinkey we are a pet loving family we have many types of pets and lots of time to love them
Cindy Meli on Feb. 28 2011 edit · delete
Email us on so that we can talk more on the baby monkeys
Cindy Meli on Feb. 28 2011 edit · delete
Email us on
Brittany  on Mar. 5 2011 edit · delete
My brother and i are exremly in love with these little guys. We have been searching for so long. Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!! email me back at Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you!
 on Apr. 13 2011 edit · delete
Joseph ramos on May 5 2011 edit · delete
God bless my name is Joseph Ramos and i would love to adopt one of your baby marmosets please write to my email ( i would like to have more information on your baby marmosets and i would like to know if you still have some left for adoption. God Bless.
Adria on Jul. 17 2011 edit · delete
Hello! My name is Adria and I'm 10 and my mother said if I find a good price for a monkey on sale I can get one. After I looked at your review online there were people who stated this was a scam. However, if this is not a scam I'd like to buy one and how much will this cost me. Thank you and bye.

 on Jul. 22 2011 edit · delete
  • Jul 22 2011
They tried to scam me today... trying to get me to send $500 via Western Union to Asongwe Fabian Asongwe in Cameroon!!! WTF > What's worse is that they got my Name, My address, AND a picture of me with my pet ferret! UGH!!!
 on Aug. 11 2011 edit · delete
These people are SCAMMERS!! They tell you the monkeys are free and then want money to ship them to you. You never get a monkey!! They are thieves!!
Jannette  on Sep. 5 2011 edit · delete
Im interested in adopting the marmasset monkeys please contact me very series
Billy t Lantigua on Nov. 12 2011 edit · delete
I would love to adopt a baby monkey, or even a adult if possible. from a child have always wanted a money but was always out of my range of affordability for me. but now i just got married, own my own house and a big fan of animals.many have come and past of age and my wife knows that it has always talk about having one. and raquel my wife agrees that it would be a great addition to or family
Rico on Nov. 25 2011 edit · delete
I ve always wanted a monkey I'm a pet lover I have two dogs no kids 26 single one of this lil guys would be like another kid for me my friend just bought a marmoset and i fell in love with him they such adorable creatures please let me know how can I adopt one of your babies it would be a blessing for me thank you
Lilla johnson on Nov. 27 2011 edit · delete
[link=Label] > i was scam for these emails do not send any money to cameron or western union these are scam im already send them $1300 for a monkey and they still ask for money so i call the FBI to investicate they still investicating the emails but i lost all my money so do not send any money to africa cameron WARNING IS A SCAM LILLA
Lesli on Dec. 14 2011 edit · delete
Hello - Also - please watch out for magcharles - part of this scam. They ask you to send $250 cash via Western Union with no papers or proof - DON"T DO IT!!! The address they are posting from is 190 Rivington Lane in Decatur GA Phone number is 478-304-8271 Names used include David, Paul, and Mag
Shawna Chand on Dec. 15 2011 edit · delete
I am very interested in one of your monkey's I'm really hoping that this is not a scam. Especially since you are labeling yourselves as Christians...because the Word of God says be not decieved God is not mocked for whatsoever a man sows tht shall he also reap...If this is real you can contact me We are called to be set apart & shine for God. GOD bless
Christine on Dec. 25 2011 edit · delete
Hi i live in fort myers florida and i really really want a marmoset monkey so if you have any for adoption please email me!! p.s im christian on Jan. 14 2012 edit · delete
I would love to buy it plesae contact me. i live in a christin comunity and have 4 peope in the home. we all ove animals thanks. sammy jones
Angie on Feb. 1 2012 edit · delete
You put on facebook and u will see the people that r doing this they just told me they were in the state georgia and i told them i would be sending someone to put the monkey up and now they will not write me back or give me a # the face book page saids they are in maryland in the us and there r pic's on there of him with the monkeys so iknow its him . .........DONT FALL FOR IT............ > IM NOT I TOLD THEM I WOULD COME GET IT OR HAVE A FRIEND COME GET IT AND THEY WONT WRITE ME BACK AND THEY R LISTING THERE ADD EVERYWERE ON LINE
Molly Harris on Feb. 7 2012 edit · delete
Hello my name is Molly Harris and I have been researching on these baby maroset monkeys, my family and I are very interested in adopting. If possible we would like to talk to you more about adopting. Thank you, Molly Harris (
Andrew on Mar. 5 2012 edit · delete
  • Mar 05, 2012

That ad is nothing but a scam. If you are really trying to get a monkey that you meet the people selling it and trade the CASH for the monkey in person.

Marmosets cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,500 and Capuchins cost $7,000 and up depending on male or female and depending on the breeder.

If the prices are less than above, it is most likely a scam.
You So Busted. Damn it's 2012 on Aug. 18 2012 edit · delete
Damn, how do you plan on scamming anymore? Dumb begets Dumb. Don't you realize that the Internet is the sewer of shady commerce? You must be right at home.

It's 2012 Web Buyers. Hang it up. This is some funny shit. Rule one, never transact without a background checkup on the domain name and the email address source. Have a tech buddy help out.

Western Union is a flag. Cash is a flag.
Megan on Mar. 25 2013 edit · delete
[b]I would really love to adopt a monkey please email me so I can give you more information
Crystal on May 4 2015 edit · delete
My husband and I would love to adopt one of your monkeys
Make sure who you buy your capuchin monkeys, teacup puppies, english bulldogs or whatever you like - is LOCAL. Caveat Emptor - if it seems too good to be true...
 Baby Marmoset Monkeys for Adoption