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Save antibiotic medications for future bacterial attack


Save antibiotic medications for future bacterial attack

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Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and protozoan infections.

29 May 2012 USA ( Antibiotics are truly the best way to cure a wide range of antibiotics but what seems to be not affecting people is the fact that the more we take the aid of antibiotics, the more we are decreasing the effective therapeutic measures available to treat various bacterial infections. FDA has also taken measures to curb the use of antibiotics for small and silly infections that can be cured easily at home without the aid of any medication. It has also taken initiative to raise awareness about the judicious use of antibiotics and cut down the risk of resistance by impeding the intake of various drugs to treat a particular disease. Also, the use of antibiotics in the feed of animals to enhance their productivity makes us vulnerable to the detrimental effects of delirious bacteria complications as we cannot find the perfect cure to the disease due to the resistance of bacteria to that particular kind of drugs. Ronald Polk, an official of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) said that the abuse of antibiotics is on the rise and the government should take proper precautionary measures to save the antibiotics until it’s too late. He also told that use of antibiotic has nearly doubled in the last two decades and this statistical evidence is enough to prove the drastic use of antibiotics not only in a particular country but all over the world. The only way to cut down the risk of resistance is through making people understand that the available effective antibiotics are on their verge of existence and it’s not possible to develop new medicines with equal effectiveness in such a less span of time. Now, it’s up to the patients and healthcare professionals to work together to safeguard the antibiotics for future use. Hence, it is necessary to look into this matter as soon as possible and take the essential steps to control and reduce the use of antibiotics. And, point to be remembered is that no individual should ever take any antibiotic on their own, without prior consultation from a doctor. 4th lane, Fontana, California, USA-92337
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Save antibiotic medications for future bacterial attack Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and protozoan infections.