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Football has become America’s sport with more and more people following the NFL than ever before

NOVEMEBER 4, 2012 - Football has become America’s sport with more and more people following the NFL than ever before. With fall seeing the start of football seasons across the nation many a young player has hopes and dreams of one day taking their game to biggest of stages. From the tiniest of pop warner players to hulking high school half backs, each hopes to someday be seen doing what they love and be offered the chance to take it to the next level.

Millions of children play football every year and it is far too easy to get lost in a sea of names and statistics. Highlight Front is changing all that. At Highlight Front high school athletes of all kinds (not just football players) can create profiles that highlight their abilities and the amazing accomplishments they have achieved. This allows college recruiters to get a look at potential recruits for their college sports teams that may have otherwise been missed. The world of college sports is ultra-competitive and Highlight Front is giving students the advantage they need to make sure they are not lost in the shuffle.

Highlight Front is not only for students. College recruiters use Highlight Front to see as many students as they possibly can. Recruiters have the unenviable job of having to try and be everywhere at once. While that is impossible, Highlight Front is the next best thing. Being able to view clips of student highlight reels, read up on statistics, and get a feel for the best athletes in the country, recruiters can cut back on the finding part of recruiting and can focus their energy where it needs to be: attracting the best student athletes to their programs.

As a new feature to their website, Highlight Front is adding a blog to help college prospects even more. With regular content discussing important topics like sports recruitment and how to get noticed by colleges, It is not just enough to have a profile on, students need to know how to make them stand out. With the addition of their new blog Highlight Front is doing even more to support the hopes and dreams of the country’s best athletes.

While the rest of the country watches the top NFL teams battle for supremacy many student athletes are breaking records of their own. Don’t let those accomplishments fade into obscurity.
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 Football has become America’s sport with more and more people following the NFL than ever before