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Eleven Two Fund Management Outperforms Major Indices With A 10-Year Average Annualized Return of 17.55%


Eleven Two Fund Management Outperforms Major Indices With A 10-Year Average Annualized Return of 17.55%

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1888 PressRelease - Eleven Two Fund Management's investment strategy achieves multiple Top 10 Fund performances on Marketocracy; plans to offer free 30-minute phone consultation to new potential investors.

Atlanta, GA - The Fundamental Stock picks on Marketocracy selected by Eleven Two Fund Management (ETFM) President Thomas Cloud Jr. CFP®, ChFC® have achieved average annualized returns of 17.55% since February 2003, outperforming all the major indices during the same time period, including the Dow (8.65%), S&P 500 (9.13%), and NASDAQ (10.51%). By employing a strategy for picking and managing "fundamentally-sound or financially fit" stocks in industries with great promise, the fund has also earned a spot in Marketocracy's Top 10 Funds over fifteen times in recent years. This is a big accomplishment, considering there are over 25,000 competitors.

Marketocracy has given investors a place to track, analyze, and evaluate their investment strategies. ETFM's Fundamental Stock choices, which began on Marketocracy with $1 million of virtual money and a NAV of $10 per share, have grown significantly over the 11-year period between February 2003 and April 2014 to over $6 million and an NAV of $61.47 per share. While diversification in sectors and style has been key to the stocks' growth, the real secret to success has been in using some key pieces of information found in the Bible, according to Thomas Cloud, Jr.

"Another advantage I have over the indices, ETFs, and mutual funds is that I don't have a billion+ dollars to invest. So, I don't have to sacrifice on the quality of the companies I buy on behalf of my clients…"

Quality trumps quantity, leading to a major strategy for ETFM. Rather than choose a typical mutual fund or ETF with over 100 stocks, ETFM focuses on managing a smaller portfolio of specific top-tier companies. By buying equities for clients at a much lower number, ETFM's investors have more concentrated positions in the top companies and still get great diversification from individual company (or non-systematic) risk, such as you would see with any index or mutual fund.

"As of April 2014, I believe the most attractive sectors are financial, information technology, consumer discretionary, and health care," says Thomas. The 90-day returns for ETFM's trades or moves on Marketocracy have proven that this strategy works. The 90-day return on buys has averaged 1.66% since inception (2/11/2003), while the 90-day return on sells has averaged -1.84%.

With investment experts such as former Black Rock strategist Robert Doll asserting modest average annual returns of 6 to 8% as the new norm, ETFM's stock performance has clearly exceeded expectations. (Although, past performance is no guarantee of future returns.) President Thomas Cloud Jr. believes his years of practice with Georgia Tech's investment club (which beat 90% of all mutual fund managers and was featured on CNNFN), his knowledge of Scripture, and "God's wisdom" helped him develop the strategy for his company's stock picks and achieve the impressive AAR of 17.55% since inception.

Along with all the major indices, ETFM's Fundamental Stocks picks (on Marketocracy) did take a hit in 2008, ending the year down 27.14%. Still, this was 9.67% higher than the return of the S&P 500, which went down 36.81% in 2008. The stocks recovered impressively, striking a return of 42.62% in 2009 and 44.43% in 2010. "The first full year of performance for my stock selections was 2004, so that is 10 full calendar years of a model portfolio track record (all created and reported by a neutral third party in Marketocracy), and so far, 2008 was the only year that was negative. I'm sure there will be other negative years, but in the long term, if an investor has patience, I believe this is an excellent way to preserve a person's wealth against inflation and even grow it nicely," says Cloud. Unlike the NASDAQ, Russell Index, and Microcap Index, ETFM has only experienced one down year on the Marketocracy platform since 2004. This last year, 2013, was the first full calendar year of returns using real money, and it marked a particularly successful time with an AAR increase of 48.67%. The Marketocracy model portfolio had a performance of 42.7% for 2013. In other words, the real money outperformed the model portfolio in 2013.

"Our top-performing year to date was 2013. I believe that I can continue to get better returns using real money over the Marketocracy model portfolio because at Schwab, I can get into positions quicker, and the commissions are lower. The Marketocracy software charges me what I consider to be high commissions, and it can take me as long as a week to get into a position on their platform. But in real time, in my clients' accounts at Schwab Institutional, the commissions are usually $9 or less, and I can get a client into a stock position in less than five minutes!" says Mr. Cloud.

Free Consultation Available: To celebrate its recent success, ETFM is offering a free 30-minute phone consultation for new potential investors to get a second opinion on their investment portfolio. Of course, no specific investment advice will be offered. Mr. Cloud believes it is best for a person to have at least $100,000 to invest in this stock strategy. New investors can potentially benefit from Thomas Cloud's impressive strategies used to achieve a 10-year AAR of 17.55%, according to Marketocracy.

About Eleven Two Fund Management Eleven Two Fund Management is an RIA headquartered in Marietta, GA. It offers comprehensive, fee-only financial and investment advice. Founded by President Thomas Cloud Jr. CFP®, ChFC®, the company's approach addresses the needs of real-life people, specifically independence, access, and value for money. For more information, visit [ title Eleven Two Fund Management, Inc.] or call toll free at 800-917-5016.

Important Information

Marketocracy Inc. was founded in 2000 to find the best investors in the world and hold them accountable for results. Marketocracy enables individuals to prove themselves by managing a model portfolio in real time. The managers with models that beat the broad market by an average of 1,000 basis points per year for five years then apply their skills to the management of client money. Each MDS model portfolio starts out with $1 million of virtual money. MDS members manage their model portfolios by entering trade orders in real time. These orders are considered filled only if there is 10 times the volume available in the real market after the order is entered, and each fill is assessed a virtual commission of five cents per share. Dividends, stock splits, other corporate actions, and a management fee of 1.95% per year are accounted for daily. Marketocracy model portfolios are allowed to invest in securities that trade on a U.S. stock exchange. Options, futures, commodities, leverage, and shorting are not allowed.

This performance information pertains to Thomas Cloud Jr.'s model portfolio (symbol CND) and can be found by clicking on this link:

Marketocracy model portfolios are not personal recommendations for any particular investor; they do not take into account financial, investment, or other objectives and may not be suitable for every investor. Before buying, investors should consider whether the investment is suitable for themselves and their portfolio. Investing entails risks, including possible loss of principal.

Benchmarks or indices are used to track current and historical market performance by specific market segment (e.g., large/small capitalization) or investment style (e.g., growth/value) and are meant to provide a basis for comparison. Indices are unmanaged, pay no transaction fees, reflect past performance, and typically reflect the reinvestment of dividends or income.

The information contained in this communication has been compiled by ETFM from sources believed to be reliable; however, ETFM does not make any representation as to its accuracy, completeness, or correctness. Such information and opinions are subject to change without notice due to changes in market or economic conditions and may not necessarily come to pass. Any sectors or allocations referenced may or may not be represented in portfolios of clients of ETFM and do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold, or recommended for client accounts.
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Eleven Two Fund Management Outperforms Major Indices With A 10-Year Average Annualized Return of 17.55%
 1888 PressRelease - Eleven Two Fund Management's investment strategy achieves multiple Top 10 Fund performances on Marketocracy; plans to offer free 30-minute phone consultation to new potential investors.