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What Is Myeloma? & Its Treatments -


What Is Myeloma? & Its Treatments -

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Myeloma is a type of cancer that affects cells in the bone marrow called plasma cells. Its symptoms & treatments are mentioned below.

03rd May 2014, USA, ( : It is also known as multiple myeloma which is type of cancer arising from plasma cells (type of white blood cells) found in the bone marrow. It helps to make proteins called antibodies which help to fight against infections. When these proteins grow at higher level than normal level, it creates health problems that can affect your body parts such as skulls, shoulders, legs, bones, immune system, kidneys and red blood cell counts.


Most common signs and symptoms that take place in myeloma affected patient are kidney failure, bone damage and fractures, repeated infections like pneumonia, kidney/bladder infection, skin infection, weight loss, weakness in legs, and fatigue.


Initial treatment to cure myeloma include cyclophosphamide, thalidomaide and dexamethasone (CTD), melphalan, prednisolone and thalidomide (MPT), velcade, melphalan and prednisolone (VMP), radiotherapy for areas of bone disease and pain, pain-killers. After providing initial treatment, doctors will prescribe patient to go for standard treatment such as:

1.Bortezomib: It is a drug used as a medication called proteasome inhibitors used to kill the cancer cells by blocking the action of proteasomes.

2.Thalidomide (thalomid): It is a drug approved and used to treat morning sickness during pregnancy, skin lesions caused by leprosy, and also newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

3.Chemotherapy: It is a medication where medicines are taken orally to kill myeloma cells. Chemotherapy drugs used to treat myeloma are melphalan, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, doxorubicin, and doxil.

4.Corticosteroids: It is a medication such as prednisone and dexamethasone are used to treat multiple myeloma.

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What Is Myeloma? & Its Treatments - Myeloma is a type of cancer that affects cells in the bone marrow called plasma cells. Its symptoms & treatments are mentioned below.