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University Study Shows Anxiety Is Hurting Grades


University Study Shows Anxiety Is Hurting Grades

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Middle Schools and High Schools are training their staff to manage the “Anxiety Epidemic” in schools. In many communities, the increase in anxiety has risen at an alarming rate.

Charlotte, NC, November 18, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Middle Schools and High Schools are training their staff to manage the “Anxiety Epidemic” in schools. In many communities, the increase in anxiety has risen at an alarming rate. One Connecticut principal stated that the rate of ‘severe anxiety’ in his middle school increased by 34% in 2 years.

‘We’ve been getting calls to talk to and support school communities at a record rate. We’re happy to be part of a solution! The credit really goes to the amazing team of psychologists, physicians, professors and experts who make up the Generating Winners’ team and are focused on helping our community.’ said Colleen Ferrary, co-founder of

What was once the cause of bad test scores is now crippling schools as children show more signs of more severe anxiety disorders ( i.e. stress-induced IBS, anxiety attacks, eating disorders, suicide, etc…) In a recent University of Minnesota study of 4,300 teens, the follow results were found:

39% suffered from mild to severe depression 9% suffered from severe depression 6% reported suicide attempts Recently, a formal study by The University of Chicago’s Human Performance Lab showed that eliminating stress through a simple 10-minute meditation training not only reduces anxiety but also raised test scores from an average 82 to an 87. This difference in performance occurred despite the fact that all students were of equal ability.

Sian Beilock, Ph.D., is a psychology professor and an expert on the brain science behind performance failure under pressure. She identified how anxiety can affect a person’s ability to move through different phases of life effortlessly – or not.

Anxiety is not only affecting our teen’s grades, but it affects sports performance, physical well-being, happiness, and those lifelong skills that help children maneuver through adulthood successfully.

What can be learned from the experts: Simple ways to help your teen manage stress. Generating Winners shares honest conversations from teens and family psychologists to help have better, more productive and honest conversations with your children. Real life stories are shared alongside expert advice.

Knowing where the stress comes from is just as important as helping to manage it. On the hundreds of pages of content, you’ll find expert support on topics like organization, time management, coach and parent stress, college planning, financial stress, and healthy habits that can give your teen the upper hand and support they need.

College acceptance is a massive stressor for teens and families. A favorite video on is of college admissions and SAT experts Tom Boyle and Tom Ehlers teaching students how to take the stress out of SATs and ACTs and ways to score significantly better.

By first understanding why your child is stressed, you can then take the action needed to help them eliminate it.

These are challenging years, but they don’t have to be. The topics and subjects covered by this team of experts range from normal social pressures to cutting and eating disorders. Generating Winners will help you and your teen map their path to a great college simply and affordably while ensuring you’re protecting their diet, teaching your teen about money and staying strong with training tips from triathletes! There are real parents and teens sharing stories that will entertain you as well as give you a healthy perspective to take into… well… the teen years.

‘When we created a year ago, we knew we were creating something special. Today, we realize we had no idea how much a free website could impact so many lives. Teens are sharing their perspective, our contributors are tackling tough topics for parents, and we’re making it easier for teens to forge their path to success. When we can make a difference on a global epidemic like teen stress – we know all our hard work is paying off!’ said founder, Matt Moran

Generating Winners is focused on simplifying adolescence and helping students create their roadmap to success.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Colleen Ferrary at 860-249-7088 or email at or Matt Moran at or 704-280-7262.

Press Contact: Colleen Bader Co-Founder Generating WInners llc Contact our support team at: Generating Winners, LLC 10612 D Providence Rd Suite 518 Charlotte, NC, 28277 For questions regarding advertising or interviews please email 8602497088
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University Study Shows Anxiety Is Hurting Grades Middle Schools and High Schools are training their staff to manage the “Anxiety Epidemic” in schools. In many communities, the increase in anxiety has risen at an alarming rate.