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Know All About Outdoor Fireplaces from Cirigliano Masonry


Know All About Outdoor Fireplaces from Cirigliano Masonry

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08 Mar 2017, Pittsburgh, PA - An outdoor fireplace can be one of the most luxurious additions that you can make to your property. It will be a section of your house that you will enjoy for many years to come, as you snuggle up on the hearth near a cozy in your backyard under the starry skies. And if you are not aware of what making an outdoor fireplace in Pittsburgh will entail, Cirigliano Masonry has all the answers for you. Just visit the website and find out all there is to know about outdoor fireplaces and similar structures.

Cirigliano Masonry is one of the most sought after names in the world of stone masonry in Pittsburgh. The company offers all kinds of services including stone wall repair, brick repointing, construction of new structures, foundation repair, brick repair and even building patios and outdoor fireplaces in Pittsburgh.

“Our team specializes in brick and masonry contracting and easily come up with a design for your space. Regardless of the type of outdoor fireplace in Pittsburgh you’re thinking about installing, we have the skills to get the job done. We also know what type of materials to use. Given the climate of Pittsburgh, it is essential that the brick used can withstand extreme dips in temperature. We make sure to use only the finest brick and lay it with the best sealants to ensure a long-living outdoor fireplace. Our goal is to make your fireplace last for decades, and by using the best materials we make that goal a reality. Should you need an outdoor fireplace in Pittsburgh, give us a call. We can walk you through the design process and create a beautiful outdoor space you’ll enjoy for years to come.” explains the owner of Cirigliano Masonry and the website

Hiring Cirigliano Masonry for your fireplace construction project will probably be the best decision you will make for the betterment of your property.

For more information about the company or to hire their team for masonry repair in Pittsburgh, please visit the website

About The Company

Cirigliano Masonry is professional contractors for masonry, fireplace and brick repair in Pittsburgh. Their masonry contractor services are affordably priced, and designed to take care of your project from point A to point B. If your project is for your home, their team can create an outline to detail it and guarantee that every facet is included once it’s finalized. They do what it takes to make sure each of their clients is fully satisfied before they hand over the final bill.

Contact Information
Cirigliano Masonry
Phone: 412-638-5800
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Know All About Outdoor Fireplaces from Cirigliano Masonry