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Making Sense Talks about the Benefits of Group Tuition over Private O’ Level Chemistry Tuition on Website


Making Sense Talks about the Benefits of Group Tuition over Private O’ Level Chemistry Tuition on Website

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18 Apr 2017, Singapore - Looking to make some headway with the preparations of your O’ level chemistry exams? Do not listen to anyone who says group tuitions will not be beneficial enough for you to invest in them. The top O level tuition centre in Singapore is here with some pretty interesting insights on the topic. Making Sense, the name that every chemistry student in the county banks upon has highlighted the many benefits of group tuition over private tutors on their website! Make sure you give the article a read before finalizing the best choice for your studies.

Making Sense is definitely one of the most popular chemistry tuition centers and crash course providers in Singapore. Through ingenious teaching methods and dedicated support for students, Making Sense ensures that every child who joins them for learning achieves one aim - building a rock solid foundation in chemistry that will be beneficial for the child for years to come.

“The primary reason why private tuitions are preferred is due to the fact that they provide one-to-one consultation and 100% attention and focus on the student. The truth of the matter is, truly capable teachers with good expertise and skills do not give home tuition. They usually set up tuition centres to reach out to more students. Plus, these teachers are so sought-after that they do not have enough time to privately tutor each student. A google search for Super Tutors will reveal that none of them offer one-to-one tuition. Through experience, it is not the class size, but the delivery and the precision of the lecturer that really matters. Have you ever had different lecturers in the same lecture group? I am sure you have, and your experience tells you that good lecturers are clear and able to link up concepts effortlessly while poor lecturers speak all over the place. Really good lecturers can be effective even to larger groups. Thousands of our ex-students can easily justify this claim.” explains the PR representative at Making Sense and the manager of the website

You just need to take one of their classes to discover that these claims from Making Sense actually hold true for students. Use their services to prepare for you’re O’ level chemistry exam and enjoy the many benefits they offer!

For more information about Making Sense or to sign up for one of their chemistry crash course, visit

About The Company:

Making Sense specialises in Chemistry tuition for ‘A’ Level students. In addition to group tuition, we also offer personal consultations to students to ensure effective personalised learning. Our classes deliver in-depth knowledge and analysis of Chemistry concepts and principles to students. We use teaching methodologies specific to Chemistry that are effective in maximising learning.

Contact Information

Making Sense
Address: 116 Middle Road,
ICB Enterprise House #09-02 S(188972)
A’ Level Program - 9475 6362 / 9711 7363
O’ Level Program - 9711 7363
Admin (Current Students) - 6802 2603
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Making Sense Talks about the Benefits of Group Tuition over Private O’ Level Chemistry Tuition on Website