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Garage Light Fixtures - What to Know Before You Buy


Garage Light Fixtures - What to Know Before You Buy

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Garage Light Fixtures - What to Know Before You Buy

21st Apr 2017 - Equipping a partially or fully enclosed parking area with garage light fixtures is a necessary finishing touch that enhances safety and reduces security concerns with a single investment. There’s more to choosing the right garage light fixtures than many property managers realize though.

“Garage light fixtures are a sound investment in patron, customer or resident safety,” says Lumight’s president. “Selecting the right fixtures for the space in question, however, does take thought and planning.”

When choosing fixtures for a parking garage, Lumight’s team suggests buyers consider these points:

• The available light – Ideally, garage light fixtures will bathe an entire space with light, but not overpower motorists or pedestrians. To make sure that is the case, consider the natural light available and lighting that may flood in from other nearby commercial locations. Garage light fixtures can range greatly in the amount of illumination provided, enabling buyers to fill very specific needs.

• Clearance consideration – Multistory parking garages that have low clearance ceilings may require special garage light fixtures that sit nearly flush with the ceiling. These highly durable designs are meant to provide adequate light without reducing clearance by much.

• Special areas – Most parking garages have locations that can be of particular concern for safety and security. Elevator entrances, stairwells and main entrance and egress points, for example, may require enhanced lighting. Garage light fixtures that are meant to flood these often dark areas can be smart choices in these cases.

• Operational costs – Property owners generally prefer lighting that is adequate, but also cost efficient. That is why it is often recommended that LED garage light fixtures be selected over other designs. These lights are built with quality, durability and long-term cost savings in mind. Since they draw very little power, the overall costs tend to be negligible in regard to operation.

“Garage light fixtures are an important consideration in any area slated for parking,” says Lumight’s president. “Taking the time to plan out a configuration that blends quality, performance and efficiency can add up to a win for commercial property owners or managers and the people who use their parking spaces.”

ABOUT THE COMPANY Lumight is a leading North American market provider of commercial LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting edge LED lighting technology.

CONTACT INFORMATION Lumight Address: 267 Carleton Ave Suite 202, Central Islip, New York 11722 USA Phone: 1 (844) 533-4878 Email: Website:
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Garage Light Fixtures - What to Know Before You Buy Garage Light Fixtures - What to Know Before You Buy