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Garage Flood Light Installation - Why It’s a Smart Choice


Garage Flood Light Installation - Why It’s a Smart Choice

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Garage Flood Light Installation - Why It’s a Smart Choice

21st Apr 2017 - Standard overhead lights in garages and other similar indoor structures generally provide a fair amount of illumination. They, however, might leave certain areas underexposed. If the plan is to compensate for such concerns, garage flood light installation can serve the purpose perfectly. If the right type of lighting is selected, property owners are likely to find the decision enhances safety while also containing potential operational costs.

“A garage flood light is designed to bathe a particular area in light,” says Lumight’s president. “In doing so, this type of directional beam can cut a number of potential liability concerns while ensuring patrons, residents or visitors feel more comfortable and secure in the space.”

Depending on the size and configuration of the space, garage flood light fixtures are ideal for such purposes as:

• Illuminating stairway entrances and stairwells – A garage flood light can provide the extra boost of brightness needed to keep these potentially hazardous spaces well illuminated. This can be important for lowering trip and fall risks while also discouraging criminal activity in such areas.

• Shining lights in darker recesses – Even when well-placed standard garage lights are used at ceiling level, some parts of an enclosed or partially enclosed garage may be darker than others. A garage flood light can provide the boost of illumination required to prevent accidents and injuries while making spaces less attractive to would-be criminals.

• Providing light to make points of interest stand out – Aside from stairwells, flood lights can enhance safety around elevators and at entry and exit points to garages and their levels. In some cases, pointing brighter lights at directional signs within a garage can prove important.

• Serving as the source of illumination – In some cases, garage flood light fixtures may serve more than adequately in place of ceiling-flush lighting.

“A garage flood light can serve beautifully on its own or in conjunction with other lighting options to provide directional illumination boosts where they are needed,” says Lumight’s president. “if it is time to make sure a structure offers enough lighting to enhance safety and discourage crime, LED garage flood lights deliver results and the potential for long-term savings in operational costs and maintenance.”

ABOUT THE COMPANY Lumight is a leading North American market provider of commercial LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting edge LED lighting technology.

CONTACT INFORMATION Lumight Address: 267 Carleton Ave Suite 202, Central Islip, New York 11722 USA Phone: 1 (844) 533-4878 Email: Website:
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Garage Flood Light Installation - Why It’s a Smart Choice Garage Flood Light Installation - Why It’s a Smart Choice