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Commercial Garage Flood Lights Enhance Security & Safety


Commercial Garage Flood Lights Enhance Security & Safety

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Commercial Garage Flood Lights Enhance Security & Safety

21st Apr 2017 - Keeping a commercial garage secure from crime while also safeguarding people who frequent it demands a multi-pronged plan. One facet of this plan that can make a very big difference during the evening hours is the addition of commercial garage flood lights.

“When flood lights are added at strategic points around commercial garages, they can greatly contribute to an overall safety and security plan,” explains Lumight’s president. “These lights serve to deter crime, especially when used in combination with surveillance cameras and other devices. In addition, keeping a commercial structure, its garages, walkways and entry points well-lit provides safety for customers, residents or employees.”

Although, to ensure reliability, performance and cost-effectiveness, garage flood lights should be selected with care.

“LED flood lights for outdoor commercial purposes are a better choice for meeting both security and safety goals,” says Lumight’s president. “These fixtures are designed to provide exemplary illumination while providing convenience and cost-savings after installation.”

The experts at Lumight suggest installing commercial LED lights in the following locations to enhance safety and security both:

• Garages/Parking areas – Keeping a commercial building as safe and secure as possible also means that special attention should be paid to garages and parking areas. The right type of commercial LED lights to use in garages and parking areas will depend on configuration specifics. Pole-set flood lights, for example, are excellent in open lots, but ceiling flush models might be the wiser choice for enclosed garages.

• All main entry points – Commercial LED lights should prominently illuminate all entry points to a commercial establishment. This includes side doors, shipping and receiving areas, employee entrances and so on. It may be wise to consider configuring lights that switch on automatically when the sun sets. In addition, commercial LED lights should be set to work in conjunction with security cameras that are set in place.

• Walkways – Keeping people safe as they enter or leave a building at night is also important. Commercial LED lights that are designed for outdoor use can serve this function well. Ground-set flood lighting can also enhance aesthetics.

“Commercial LED lighting deters criminals while helping people avoid accidents,” says Lumight’s president. “When LED fixtures are selected, property owners benefit from low energy costs, low maintenance requirements and a tremendous illumination quality.”

ABOUT THE COMPANY Lumight is a leading North American market provider of commercial LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting edge LED lighting technology.

CONTACT INFORMATION Lumight Address: 267 Carleton Ave Suite 202, Central Islip, New York 11722 USA Phone: 1 (844) 533-4878 Email: Website:
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Commercial Garage Flood Lights Enhance Security & Safety Commercial Garage Flood Lights Enhance Security & Safety