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Garage LED Light Fixtures - A Long-Term Investment That Pays Off


Garage LED Light Fixtures - A Long-Term Investment That Pays Off

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Garage LED Light Fixtures - A Long-Term Investment That Pays Off

21st Apr 2017 - Enhancing a garage with better light fixtures is an investment that can pay off very well over the long-term. By helping prevent accidents and other concerns, the potential savings presented can be huge, but difficult to fully calculate. When a visible return on investment is desired, garage LED light fixtures deliver.

“Garage LED light fixtures provide three very strong savings benefits over the long run,” explains Lumight’s president. “These lights reduce operational costs while also cutting liability concerns property owners face. In doing so, they also make an indoor parking area more welcoming, safer and easier to navigate.”

Tangible savings presented when garage LED light fixtures are selected for spaces large and small can be found in these areas:

• Bulb replacement costs – LED lighting is often favored by those who don’t want their maintenance staff members having to constantly change out bulbs. While lifespan on different designs may vary, the high range for LED lighting is 100,000 of operational use. That simply means that costs associated with buying new bulbs for garage LED light fixtures will be very minimal. Maintenance staff time in caring for these lights will also be quite minimal, which also adds on to the potential for saving.

• Operational costs – While garage LED light fixtures are known to offer tremendous illumination quality, they don’t cost much to operate. Thanks to their unique differences over traditional lighting, their draw on electric power is very low. That means users save on monthly electric bills, which can add up tremendously over time.

“Garage LED light fixtures may cost more than other designs on the front end, but the investment is one that adds up to tangible savings,” says Lumight’s president. “When durability, reliability and long-term savings matter, LED is simply the superior choice.”

LED garage fixtures may also have benefits that are less easy to calculate. The reliability of these lights lends themselves well to an overall plan to reduce property liability. By providing crisp, clear light that can be depended upon, LED garage light fixtures deter crime and help prevent accidents.

“LED garage lights are simply a cost-effective way to address lighting concerns within indoor spaces,” say Lumight’s president. “The savings add up over time.”

ABOUT THE COMPANY Lumight is a leading North American market provider of commercial LED lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. We specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of cutting edge LED lighting technology.

CONTACT INFORMATION Lumight Address: 267 Carleton Ave Suite 202, Central Islip, New York 11722 USA Phone: 1 (844) 533-4878 Email: Website:
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Garage LED Light Fixtures - A Long-Term Investment That Pays Off Garage LED Light Fixtures - A Long-Term Investment That Pays Off