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Conducting a PET Scan at PET/CT Las Colinas Clinic


Conducting a PET Scan at PET/CT Las Colinas Clinic

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The radiologists at PET/CT explain the PET scan procedure at Las Colinas Clinic

Irving, TX – March 23, 2018 – Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanis used to identify the existence of the disease and where it is located within the body. Doctors prefer a PET scan because it is a non-invasive test that accurately scans images of the body’s physiologic changes using imaging using a radioactive tracer. The tracer is absorbed in the body to reveal increased chemical activity that points out the presence of disease.

“We usea PET scan because it specifically shows the body’s chemical activity, providing detailed information that cannot be detected using a traditional x-ray, MRI or CT scans,” say the radiologists. “PET scans can uncover cancer and determine its spread because cancer cells show up during the scan. This detail helps us to administer the correct treatment.”

The procedure of conducting a PET scan is as follows:

Preparation: Instructions are given by the doctor including patient being asked to stop eating before the testing and to avoid exercises. The patient will wear a hospital gown and will be given a radioactive drug that can be injected, inhaled or swallowed. It takes up to an hour for the tracer to be absorbed, and once it is absorbed the PET scan begins.

Imaging: A PET scan machine has a shape like that of a large ring. The patient lies on a small table. The table will move into the scanner and technicians will ask you to stay still for the clearest pictures to be taken. The scanner moves around the patient so that images are taken from all directions. The procedure is painless, though it may cause anxiety due to the loud clicking noise made from the machine. PET scanning takes approximately 30 minutes.

“After completing the scan, one is free to go about their regular activities," say the radiologists. “However, an increase in fluid intake is necessary to flush out the tracer material from the body.”

About PET/CT of Las Colinas

PET/CT of Las Colinas is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of our patients. We understand that the foundation of a successful treatment plan – or a clean bill of health – begins with sophisticated, accurate imagery. We look forward to providing you with the highest level of care. Our imaging center is located conveniently across the highway from the Las Colinas Medical Center within the Las Colinas Cancer Center on Highway 161 in Irving, TX. and – once here – we offer hassle-free curbside parking.

Contact Details:

PET / CT of Las Colinas,

7415 Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 110,

Irving, TX 75063,

Phone: 214-379-2790,

Fax: 214-379-2757,
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Conducting a PET Scan at PET/CT Las Colinas Clinic The radiologists at PET/CT explain the PET scan procedure at Las Colinas Clinic