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Understanding Drugs and Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer


Understanding Drugs and Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

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Randi Jacobs, the Executive Director at Sandler-Kenner Foundation, elaborates on the drugs and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Irving, Texas – March 27, 2018 – Prognosis of pancreatic cancer has not improved for 50 years, with an average survival of three to six months after diagnosis. The symptoms occur at an advanced stage limiting treatment options for patients. Sandler-Kenner Foundation focuses on improving the survivability of cancer patients by developing early identification tools that have high sensitivity, are cost-effective and can easily be implemented by medical practitioners.

"Treatment for cancer of the pancreas depends on the stage and the age of the patient," says Randi Jacobs. "Management tools for pancreatic cancer include radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. When the cure is impossible, the treatment focuses on improving the quality of life."

Here are some of the treatments for pancreatic cancer:

• Surgery:Is considered if the pancreatic tumor is reachable, which is rare. Options for operation include Whipple procedure where the pancreas head is removed together with parts of the gallbladder and stomach. At times parts of the small intestine and the bile duct are also removed. Other options include a distal pancreatectomy where the tail of the pancreas is removed along with the spleen. A total pancreatectomy has the entire pancreas removed and part of the gallbladder, small intestine, spleen, bile duct and neighboring lymph nodes.

• Chemotherapy: Uses drugs to stop cancer cells from growing further. Chemotherapy accesses the whole body through the bloodstream, and it can be used alone or alongside surgery or other therapies.

• Radiation therapy: Delivered two ways, external radiation where beams are directed to the cancer site from outside the body and internal radiation where radiation is injected into the body through catheters, needles and other options.

"Treatment for pancreatic cancer and other types of cancer works well when customized to the patient, their overall health, and their particular diagnosis," says Randi Jacobs.

About The Sandler-Kenner Foundation

The Sandler-Kenner Foundation, established in 2007 as the Las Colinas Cancer Center Foundation, was renamed in early 2011 in the memory of Michael Sandler and Peter Kenner, both of whom passed away from pancreatic cancer, a lethal disease that is difficult to diagnose until it has reached an advanced stage.

Contact Details:

Sandler-Kenner Foundation

7301 N. State Highway 161, Suite 148

Irving, Texas 75039

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Understanding Drugs and Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Randi Jacobs, the Executive Director at Sandler-Kenner Foundation, elaborates on the drugs and treatment of pancreatic cancer.