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Las Colinas Cancer Center Provides Treatment for Prostate and Breast Cancer


Las Colinas Cancer Center Provides Treatment for Prostate and Breast Cancer

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Dr. Gregory Echtexplains prostate and breast cancer treatment

Irving, Texas – March 28, 2018 - Cancer affects every aspect of life for a patient, the physical and emotional. All these areas must be treated to restore the complete health of the patient. With a comprehensive treatment plan, nutritional evaluation and support as well as emotional and educational support, the battle against cancer can be won.

“Our patients are more than medical statistics. They are individuals who are facing the greatest challenges in life,” explains Dr. Echt.“Our professional team supports patients by giving them educational resources, state of health and lifestyle individual plans that address their unique diagnosis and superior medical care.”

Because of advancements in cancer treatment, Las Colinas Cancer Center can treat the following types of cancer:

• Breast cancer - Treatment is managed professionally to help patients recover fast. A customized treatment program is provided, which integrates sophisticated therapies like external beam radiation therapy, radiation therapy such as MammoSite therapy, chemotherapy and a five-day target radiation therapy that causes an improved cosmetic result and reduces recurrence rate.

• Prostate cancer - Through modern advancements, the center uses seed implants to treat cancer of the prostate. Seed implant is a fast, non-invasive and effective method in which seeds are directly implanted into the prostate where they slowly release site-specific radiation for a specific time which could be weeks or months. Prostate seed implants require less recovery time and have few side effects. Las Colinas Cancer Center also offers other options for treatment like hormone therapy, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy.

“We understand how frightening it is to receive a diagnosis of cancer and how daunting cancer treatment can seem,” says Dr. Echt. “Our team commits itself to provide patients with superior personal care. We strive to provide services that align with the technological and medical advancements in treatments and diagnostic tools to give patients expert care."

About Las Colinas Cancer Center

Las Colinas Cancer Center, a Choice Cancer Care Treatment Center, is committed to providing the personalized, compassionate treatment that can make all the difference in cancer care. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in North Texas, offers those battling cancer and blood disorders a safe haven where they can find professional care from some of the nation’s most experienced oncology specialists in a supportive, caring environment with an integrated approach to treatment.

Contact Details:

Las Colinas Cancer Center

7415 Las Colinas Blvd

Suite 100 Irving, TX 75063

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Las Colinas Cancer Center Provides Treatment for Prostate and Breast Cancer Dr. Gregory Echtexplains prostate and breast cancer treatment