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E-Lins Rises Ranks to Join the Elite League of World Router Manufacturers


E-Lins Rises Ranks to Join the Elite League of World Router Manufacturers

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China, 02nd April, 2018:

4G routers are here and the world can barely wait to get its hands on faster Internet. With 4G, Internet is fast as a flash, and anybody who has used a 4G router with sim slot and external antenna would know that. As the products are exiting the makers’ labs one by one to find their way to the stores, providers are tripping on each other to grab a chance to supply the devices to their respective markets. But not all of these retailers have the best devices to offer. Among the very few world-class manufacturers and sellers is E-Lins, a company that is based in China and has some of the most sophisticated routers in its catalogue.

The company, both a maker and distributor of routers since 1999 is officially one of the leading names in its industry. A big gun in the manufacturing of wireless M2M/IoT/In-Vehicle solutions, it has slowly and carefully scaled the rungs through years of dedicated research and successful engineering. Working with a massive cross-cultural team of technologists hired from all over the globe, the company rolls out new and advanced routers more than only once a year. Today E-Lins’ dual sim modem devices are used in 150 countries located across the world.

Since its inception, the company has been a permanent supplier to companies operating in the domains of water schedule, power control, oil field, traffic, environmental protection, weather forecast, post, bank, street lamp control, security surveillance, CCTV and more. As an acknowledgement for the quality of its products, E-Lins has received certifications like FCC, CE, RoHS, CCC and ISO9001/14000. As of today, the company’s catalogue contains 4G Routers, 4G LTE routers, 3G Routers and Dual Band WiFi Routers.

Split into new arrivals and popular purchases, E-Lins’ catalogue is easily navigable, as is its website. The layout of the retail website is as simple as it gets with no confusing color scheme and design. Everything is laid out right before the eyes. It requires no finding to locate the catalogue or the products in it. All products uploaded on the website come with photos and descriptions, which make online purchases incredibly easy. The routers are categorized into Industrial 4G, industrial 3G, Series to Cellular, WiFi advertising and Open WRT DD-WRT Tomato. Everything in stock that belongs to these categories can be found under the specific tabs.

E-Lins offers live support for all its users. In an event where a user has run into a snag, the tech-team can be reached out at the company hotline number. Executives are also available for live chats through Skype, Yahoo, MSN and other channels. E-Lins, aside its huge catalogue of high performing and extremely sophisticated devices also pride on its fair pricing. Products are offered under warranty protection.

To check out the E-Lins list of products, visit:

About the Company
E-Lins Technology was established in 1999, which is the leading professional manufacturer and solution provider in wireless M2M/IoT/In-Vehicle. E-Lins' products dual sim 4g router, industrial 4g modem, gsm router 4g, 4g router with lan port, 4g router with ethernet, etc. are manufactured in-house.

Contact Us:
Company Name: E-Lins Technology Co. Ltd.
Address: U valley, Minkang Rd. Minzhi,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518000
Telephone Number:+86 (755) 2923 0581
Fax:+86 (755) 8370 0465
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E-Lins Rises Ranks to Join the Elite League of World Router Manufacturers