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Ways to excel at your A Level Chemistry Exams


Ways to excel at your A Level Chemistry Exams

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"Over the course of the years, Singapore has been known for its strong performance in international assessments of learning."

Singapore: Over the course of the years, Singapore has been known for its strong performance in international assessments of learning. The report highlights how Singapore’s education system is focused on understanding and improving assessment and feedback in higher learning.

According to the report, the higher rate of educational development can be seen in every 1 out 4 children at the age of 15 years, especially in the Sciences. With established professional learning techniques that entail computer visualization across the nation, educational divisions in GCE “O” and “A” level has delivered resilient and competitive students. Statistics from the MOE Singapore show that only around forty percent of students from all programmes can gain admission into local universities every year.

As a result, ‘A’ level students must compete with their fellow students, students from polytechnics and international students for these few admission spaces. Highlighting of text is one of the common methods used to briefly study important information. However, students often end up highlighting most of the text, especially if it contains new information. This technique seems to work for some while for others, it is counterproductive.

However, do not fret as crushing that exam simply requires finding the right technique for retaining important information. One such technique top students use relies on the “Spacing Effect” – a phenomenon that has been the subject of various studies.

The spacing effect refers to a learning phenomenon which involves exposing your brain to new information than giving it one or two days before reviewing the same information. Naturally, our brain does not form a network of associations for all the information it processes in one session. Therefore, as opposed to studying the same information in a single session, a 24-hour interval between study sessions increases long-term memory retention.

This way, you are able to focus more on the information that your brain is reviewing one day at a time, which produces a higher success score. This is why you may have had a difficult time remembering the information that you had memorized in one session before a test. Therefore, if you have an upcoming test or exam in a week, read the new information on the first day, and then review it every day until the day of the exam.

About Making-Sense:

Making-Sense is one of the best and award-winning tuition centres that specialises in Chemistry tuition for ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ Level students. The tuition centre was originally founded by William Lin. The chemistry classes provided by Making-Sense deliver in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject and its concepts to the students. With a pool of well-informed and experienced tutors, Making Sense is delivering the best results.

Contact Details: Address: Making Sense 116 Middle Road, ICB Enterprise House #09-02 S, CA 188972, Singapore Phone: 9475 6362 Email:
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Ways to excel at your A Level Chemistry Exams