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Best stepper motor china wholesale


Best stepper motor china wholesale

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Jackie Lee -- on June 5 are perfect solutions for low speed and high torque positioning applications. Generally speaking, a stepper motor features greater output torque than an AC motor of the same frame size. At a given torque, the smaller displacement (torsion angle) means higher rigidity. For example, the AS66AAE-T7.2 geared motor receives backlash effects at a light load of 0.1 N・m torsional torque, but becomes less prone to twisting than the AS98AAE as the torsion increases. The AS66AAE-N5 motor receives little in the way of backlash effects at a light load, and maintains high rigidity throughout the entire torque range.

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Precision Unlike conventional spur gears, the harmonic gear reduction stepper motor is able of averaging the effects of tooth pitch errors and accumulated pitch errors to the rotational accuracy, thus achieving highly accurate, non-backlash performance. However, the gear’s own torsion may become the cause of a problem when performing ultra-high accuracy positioning of two arc minutes or less. When using a harmonic gear for ultra-high accuracy positioning, remember the following three points.

Lost Motion Lost motion is the total value of the displacement produced when about 5% of permissible torque is applied to the gear’s output shaft. Since harmonic gears have no backlash, the measure indicating the gear’s accuracy is represented as lost motion.

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Best stepper motor china wholesale