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Street Gangsters

Street Gangsters

‘Dying-Alive’ Abducted Children’s Screams Echoed—Mess Predicaments Notified for Global Attention – COTEM-Alert to Shake World Conscience by 2016’s UN Humanitarian Day. -  Alarming Substantiations of the ‘Inhumane Trade of Small Children’s Organs Extracted and Sold as ‘Human Body-parts’ after Being Kidnapped from their Local Vicinities—Entire human-race on verge of falling into dire ‘Moral Penalties’!—An Open Letter to UN and concerned Quarters—Global Communities Urged to Take a ‘Moral Stand’ at the ‘Vulnerable Hour’…..!!!—UNICEF ‘fore-notified’ to remain ‘extra-vigilant’ on tri-fold ‘Mounting Outbursts Risk’: COTEM-Alert Appraisal by SAIRI Postdoc Multiversity.  »
By GCL PRL, created on Aug. 22
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