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Top 4 Women's Running Jackets-spu


Top 4 Women's Running Jackets-spu

Running can be a great way to exercise year round; however asics singapore without the proper equipment your experience can be miserable. The proper women's running jacket should be lightweight, block wind, keep the runner dry, and keep the runner warm in cooler temperatures. Asics Sale This article will take a look at 4 great women's running jacks, where to get them, and price.

1. Nike Pacer Women's Track Jacket

This women's running jacket is made from cotton and polyester as the two main fabrics. The polyester works well in wicking away extra moisture from the inside of the jacket to the outside to be evaporated. This jacket is also made of a spandex material to give it a natural feeling movement while running; in essence the jacket moves with you. The interior pocket is designed to store an mp3 player, which is great so that the extra headphone cord does not get in the way of the runner. This women's running jacket can be found at for $70.

2. ASICS Storm Shelter Jacket Women's

Don't let rain stop you with this breathable women's running rain jacket. The interior of this jacket is made from a breathable mesh that quickly evaporates excess sweat and allows for cool air to come in and cool the runner down. The exterior of this running jacket is designed to be fully waterproof even in the stormiest of conditions. The ASICS Strom Shelter Jacket is designed for the runner; it is lighter and is packed with more features for runners than a traditional rain jacket. This jacket can be asics gel virage running shoes found at for $109.99.

3. Brooks Aireplex Stretch Running Jacket Women's

The Brooks Aireplex running jacket for women is designed for all running conditions. This jacket is lightweight and allows for breathability for cooler temperatures, yet is also waterproof and windproof which is perfect for fall and spring runs. There is even an mp3 player holder in the interior to keep it dry and safe even in inclement weather. This women's running jacket can be found at for $84.99.

4. Brooks Element Running Jacket Women's

The Brooks Element running jacket is an all weather running jacket that can be used year round. The exterior is waterproof and windproof, which makes this jacket great for rain, snow, or windy days. The interior is made breathable and features moisture wicking technology to keep the runner dry and cool. This jacket is also highly breathable and has reflective material for maximum visibility during low lighting conditions. This jacket can be found at for $99.99.