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Background Solutions Online

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Tardio Ken -- on June 18 2008

Background Solutions Online is a national background screening company headquartered in Naples, FL

Background Solutions Online is a fully web based state of the art national background screening company headquartered locally here in Naples.

We set up your company with its own secure log in screen. You enter the subjects information once. With the click of the mouse you choose what background checks you want from either a predetermined package tailored to your specific needs and or from an a’ la carte list of screening products. You have choices from credit reports to eviction records and virtually every background screening product available today. Most if not all of the search results you request will be returned to you within 30 seconds.

You can log on at day or night and instantly see every report that your company has ordered, by who, and the cost. At month’s end we provide a detailed breakdown of what you purchased during the billing cycle….We also archive all reports for your protection.

The entire process from signing up to teaching you or your designee the system probably takes no more than 20 minutes. If you use and like Background Solutions online it would be great. If you try it and don’t like it then simply just don’t use it.

There is virtually no cost to you except for the searches you run. There are no hidden costs. There are no contracts, set up fees, monthly fees, and no hardware or software required.

Should you require tech support at any time we have live people answering the phone for any questions you might have. Let us get you started. Call 239-514-2940 or Toll Free 1-866-688-5123. is owned and operated by Tardio and Associates, LLC, a Florida based licensed Private Investigative Agency. License # A 2700198
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Background Solutions Online Background Solutions Online is a national background screening company headquartered in Naples, FL