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AFFORDABLE TRAPPING (NEIGHBORHELP REFERRALS)[nl] Call: (239)465-9291 - ask for Debbie [2021]

Wildlife Pest Control
a Naples Animal Control company. Naples Nuisance Wildlife Control. Affordable Trapping 465-9291. We are an animal control company. We handle mouse pest control. If you have mice get rid of, we are a way how to get rid of mice. If you want to help you how to get rid of rats, then call NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping @ 465-9291. Naples raccoon, Naples rat, Naples armadillo, Naples bat, Naples snake, Naples bee, Naples wasp, Naples hornet, affordable trapping

Call: (239)465-9291 - ask for Debbie [2021] Affordable Trapping mostly on Facebook now

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Call Ken at 239-465-9291

Providing rat removal in Naples, FL since 2003. Over 1500 satisfied customers and growing!

Rat Removal + Ratproofing homes is our speciality. Removal of rats, raccoons, armadillos, bees, opossums, snakes, bats, and dead animal removal.

Collier County


4686 6TH AVE SE


NeighborHelp Referrals
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kudzu rating Listed on - The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management hosted by Cornell University, Clemson University, University of Nebraska, and Utah State University (funded through a grant of the National IPM Network and CSREES). Proud member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. #1 on Google for Affordable Trapping.

Bees buzzing around your front door?

Hearing noises in your attic?

Raccoons pooping in your pool?

Armadillos digging holes in the backyard?

Bats in the belfry?

Coyotes tearing up your neighborhood?

We're the ones to call.

Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control with the state of Florida, operating in Collier and Lee Counties.

In business since 2004.

Call Ken at 239-465-9291

(new)   Private note to news media regarding the requests for interviews: We do not give interviews as we prefer to do our job quietly for our customers with as little muss or fuss as possible. There are teachers and there are doers, and we are doers. We believe in quietly taking care of problem animals, whether coyotes or bees or raccoons or rodents or snakes as Collier County has a primarily tourist driven economy. We've cleaned out whole neighborhoods of their critter problems without anyone outside of the neighborhood being aware they even HAD a problem. This is respectful of the neighborhood and of the swfla tourist industry as well. If Saint Patrick could rid Ireland of all of the snakes, perhaps, over time, we can rid Collier County of their critter problems as well. It's a tall order, but we are dedicated. Let the animals have the woods. Let the people have the neighborhoods.

Now also serving Lee, Sarasota and Charlotte Counties thanks to additional trappers in our referral network.

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Business name: Affordable Trapping [NeighborHelp Referrals] Address: 4686 6th Ave SE

Naples, Florida 34117 Phone number: 239-465-9291 Fax number: 239-304-0708 Email address: Category: Lawn & Garden Description:

Affordable Trapping, in association with NeighborHelp Referrals.

Call Ken at 239-465-9291 Naples, Florida USA

Also visit our website for the Collier County area.

We are Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers licensed in the state of Florida. Serving Collier County and Lee County, including the communities of Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Ave Maria, Immokalee, Vanderbilt Beach, Golden Gate Estates, Isles of Capri, Fiddler's Creek, Cape Coral and everything inbetween.

We are the most affordable animal trapping service that we are aware of. If you provide a written estimate that is less expensive than us, we will be shocked and amazed and then beat that price.

Nature’s cuties, wild critters are adorable when glimpsed from your kitchen window or encountered in the park. Sightings are followed by smiles and "oohs" as we crowd our children to the window to watch their charming antics. But they quickly lose their charm when these wild animals seek shelter within the cozy confines of our homes. Not only can wild animals wreak considerable havoc outside their natural setting, they carry pests and diseases that pose a very real threat to your family's health and safety.

Is Wildlife Moving In At Your House?

For wild animals, your home is a 4-star hotel! Cozy accommodations, a snack bar just down the driveway and protection from predators make your attic, porch or basement a preferred address. Most nuisance animals are active year round, sneaking into your home during the winter for warmth and staying to raise their young in early spring. Some consider it a permanent change of address, others check in every nesting season.

Wild animals generally feed on nuts, seeds, fruit, bugs, smaller animals, even road kill, depending on their tastes. Highly adaptable, all have learned that trash cans serve up a veritable smorgasbord of delicacies. A dish of pet food on the back porch amounts to a raccoon drive-thru, and these pesky critters will even scurry through a dog door into your kitchen to feast on Fido’s kibbles.

Dangerous Unwanted Guests The tooth and claw brigade can be amazingly destructive. They gnaw through soffits and shingles to access your attic, allowing water to enter and cause damage. They sharpen their teeth on electrical wires causing fire hazards. They nest in insulation, matting it and negating its effectiveness. They dig dens under porches, decks and crawl spaces, undermining foundations. They foul your home with urine and feces; carry fleas, ticks, mites and other parasites; and harbor rabies, distemper and all manner of nasty diseases that can seriously endanger your pets and your family.

Raccoons - These nocturnal bandits are highly destructive, tearing off shingles, siding, and vent caps to enter your toasty home. They splinter rafters sharpening their claws, chew through electrical wires and destroy insulation. They decimate gardens and lawns digging for grubs. The number one carrier of rabies, they also spread canine distemper and roundworms.

Skunks and Opossums - With their sharp talons, they dig dens and tunnels that undermine building foundations. Skunks can accurately douse predators and unsuspecting homeowners with an acrid, penetrating spray from a distance of 7 to 10 feet. Babies often die, producing a nauseous stench. Dens harbor fleas, ticks and mites; and droppings pose a disease threat.

Rats and Mice - Able to squeeze through tiny openings, they nest in attics, walls, basements and crawl spaces, thriving in large colonies. Their nocturnal scratching and scampering spells sleepless nights for homeowners. During their 2-year lifespan, females can produce 200 offspring! Inveterate chewers, gnaw marks and droppings herald their presence. They carry just about every disease known to man and a whole zoo of parasites.

Feral Cats - Self-sufficient hunters, non-domesticated cats are born and live in the wild, often forming colonies of 10 or more. Noisy nighttime fights disturb sleep. They leave droppings and spray their territory which can include your front porch and shrubbery. They carry diseases transmittable to humans and domestic pets, including rabies, plague, ringworm, toxoplasmosis (which can damage the human nervous system, particularly in infants), mumps, feline leukemia and distemper.

Solving the Problem of Nuisance Wildlife

Wild animals can damage your property and pose a significant threat to your family's health and safety. Ridding your home of these nuisance animals involves completely eliminating access to nesting sites, removal of nests and feces, disinfecting the area to remove parasites and disease organisms, and deodorizing the site.

Adult animals can be trapped but babies must be found and removed by hand to prevent the nauseating perfume of decay from permeating your home. Alternate access and food sources must be eliminated to prevent recurrence. When routed from their dens and nests, wild animals are aggressive and dangerous, particularly if they are protecting their young. For your safety, removal and clean up should be handled by experienced professionals. The nuisance wildlife experts at NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping understand how to rid your home and business of these pests. With professional removal services that are available 24/7, we handle your nuisance wildlife emergency before these critters can affect the health and safety of your family.

Call Ken at 465-9291. We typically offer same or next day service. The price we quote on our estimate is the same price you pay.
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NeighborHelp Referrals' Affordable Trapping is NOT a Naples Pest Control company.
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More important things: rat removal, bat removal, coyote removal, bee removal, opossum removal, armadillo removal, home exclusion
Udut, Kenneth on Feb. 9 2009 edit · delete
The warming up period in Southwest Florida means that there is more activity from raccoons and armadillos. Warm blooded creatures like the warm weather. Expect some visitations! When they come by, call Ken at 239-465-9291 and I'll send someone over to take care of it for you.
Udut, Kenneth on May 25 2009 edit · delete
Armadillos are getting feisty and digging up holes EVERYWHERE! But don't worry - I think you'll be glad you called Ken and took care of it!
Udut, Kenneth on Dec. 18 2009 edit · delete
Get ready Collier County!! The Cold is coming in early 2010 - starting Dec 19, 2009. What does that mean for us and you?

The rats will be pouring into attics in swfla and when you start hearing a scratching noise in your attic in the middle of the night, give me a call at 239 465 9291. (Affordable Trapping)

Those rodents love the warm Florida attics in the wintertime.
Udut, Kenneth on Jan. 11 2010 edit · delete
Wow! What a cold snap this was this past weekend!

(it killed most of my tomato plants )

You may start to hear the scratching noises over your bedroom, as rodents and other critters want to stay warm at night, and your attic is one of the warmest places that those critters find.

Call me, Ken, at 465-9291 and I'll get someone over there right away to take care of it for you.

Jan 11, 2009
Udut, Kenneth on Aug. 2 2010 edit · delete
2010 Summertime special: free attic inspection with mention of naplesplus. Regularly $25.00. Call me today - 465-9291
Udut, Kenneth on Aug. 6 2010 edit · delete

Udut, Kenneth on Aug. 26 2010 edit · delete
Are you a "snowbird"?

On your way down back to Naples?

Give us a call at 239-465-9291 and we'll make sure that your yard is free of critters and your home is free of rodents BEFORE you come down.

Let your home watch company work with us, and we'll make sure you come home to a safe property.

Call Ken at 239-465-9291 or if you want to save toll charges, you can call me at 877-4-WE-TRAP

(Raccoons are getting especially fiesty, by the way)
Udut, Kenneth on Dec. 7 2010 edit · delete
Dec 7th, 2010: The cold snap is bringing palm rats into attics all over Collier County. We've been getting the calls in. If you hear nawing above your head at night, call the number at the top of the page.
Udut, Kenneth on Mar. 23 2011 edit · delete
Now that the weather is heating up, the rains will be coming soon, and the palm rats will be looking for a nice dry place to live, namely your attics! If you hear something scratching over your head at nite, give us a call.
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Sched an appt for Fri 2/13 at 1pm ... needed to postpone for a urgent Dr. Appt. until after 230pm. called the office spoke to Debbie at 1234 pm she returned my call after I left a msg at 1214 pm stating I would need to reschedule my appt for later that afternoon. She stated she would call Ken then cb which she did and advised he would be in my area after 230 pm. I told her I would call on my way home, which i called at 230 said I would be home at 330pm she told me Ken would meet me there. I waited there all night called both numbers numerous times no one would answer my calls or return my calls. I called today 2/14 to have someone come out today. no one ever answered my call or returned me call ... UNRELIABLE AND WILL WASTE YOUR TIME !!!
Lady festten on Apr. 27 2015 edit · delete
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Udut, Kenneth on Jul. 22 2015 edit · delete - Armadillos causing Leprosy in Florida? Yes.
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Call: (239)465-9291 - ask for Debbie [2021] Naples Capture and removal of: CRITTERS, RATS, RACCOONS, BEES, ARMADILLOS, OPOSSUMS, SNAKES IN COLLIER/LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA[image=860]