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Family friendly video sharing service -

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Hey Kids!! Welcome to eKidtv!! Ekidtv is a crazy, fun and safe place for you to upload and share your videos and pictures with your friends! Everything here is designed just for you! Upload as many videos as you like and email us with any new categories that you would like us to add to this site. Remember this is just for you and your friends!

Hey Parents! Have you ever wished there was a place you could share videos of the kids without having to worry that they will suddenly stumble onto to something they shoudn't see? Welcome to eKidtv. The safe and fun place to share your family videos and pictures with friends and family. Invite friends and family to view videos without worry. All of the videos uploaded here are viewed by our kid-friendly staff to insure that there is no inappropriate language, footage or pictures before it is added to the site.

Our Commitment to Safe Surfing! At eKIDtv we are committed to providing a safe place for your children and their friends to share videos and photos. We are also committed to the cause of keeping children safe on the internet. For that reason, we at eKIDtv, donate 10% of all proceeds to organzaions that work to protect children from predators and inappropriate material on the internet.

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By Submitted by Robin Catron

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A new video sharing and social network, has been launched and is the brainchild of local business owners Jay and Sandy Russo, of Good Deals Appliance.

The Russo’s had three objectives for creating the site: safety for children, a positive environment and creative outlet for education and personal growth. The family friendly site began when Mr. Russo was on the internet looking for videos on the YouTube site with his nephews and was exposed to inappropriate material for children. He decided to do something about it and immediately purchased the domain name The Russo’s then began to have the site developed in February of this year. The site’s goal was to protect children from internet predators, inappropriate language and sexual content. “It is an alternative to My Space and YouTube,” said the Russo’s.

Members of the site can upload videos and photos and create a profile. The site’s uploads are monitored by selected people across the United States for approval or rejection before video and pictures are allowed. A comment list for communicating with others on the site is supplied for a viewer so direct email contact is not possible. Games are also available for further entertainment.

“We are encouraging a positive atmosphere - no bullying or negativity”, said Jay Russo. “We are supplying a place for parents and children to safely enjoy the sharing of videos and photos on the internet.”

Jen Danko, software consultant and web designer for the site added, “We are looking to grow as the site’s traffic increases. For example, we have plans to add a channel to share ideas for home schooling lessons and educational projects.”

Although the site has recently been completed, it currently has over 1200 videos, and 80 members. Video, members and page views are continually increasing each week and currently have approximately 150,000 page views per month.

“We are excited to bring a site to parents and children that is safe and fun”, said Jay.

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Testing ekidtv chat.
Cool. The chat feature works great!
ekidtv Family friendly video sharing service -