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3737 DOMESTIC AVE SUITE 3-100 geo:lat=26.162547 geo:long=-81.76263



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Erin on Feb. 25 2010 edit · delete
A very aggressive and relentless college kid and his 2 buddies working for Editor & Chief Review basically cornered me as i was leaving my house about a month ago and would not leave me alone until I bought an $85.00 magazine subscription (they did not tell me it was so expensive until after I signed the form - I was told it was a dollar and some change for each magazine that i would receive for a year). I filled out the cancellation/refund form the same night and sent it in early the next morning. I have not gotten my money back yet, I haven't received one magazine, and I am on hold RIGHT now with customer service; I have been on hold for 10 minutes and haven't yet spoken with a human being. If I see that kid around again I'm going to get in his face and demand my money back because this is BULLCRAP. Such a RIPOFF *DO NOT SPEAK TO ECR EMPLOYEES*
Sammy oliver, wanda george on Apr. 26 2010 edit · delete
Bought subscription to magazine. cancelled within the three day cancellation period. upon repeated calls, i furnished proof of check clearing my bank. they confirmed receipt of my proof of payment and promised my refund was being processed. now? the phone is disconnected ??
 on Jul. 1 2010 edit · delete
I had a similar experience. the sales men was very pushy and at first he said he just wanted to "write down my name" next thing i know he has me ordering a $60 magazine subscription (which i later found out only costs $15 a year) i was so pissed that i sent the refund order in 10 min. after i ordered. i called twice already and they claim they havent got it. my check has not been cashed yet, but if it is im going to be beyond angry. i feel completely taken advantage of. this company is nothing but a SCAM! >
Anonymous in Fresno, CA on Nov. 6 2010 edit · delete
> DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TOO THESE SALES PEOPLE!!! They are not real, legit business people. The person who sold me the subscription, went door to door, was a young, possibly in her 20s and was trying to sell magazines to possibly go to a trip and and earn points. She even added on that she was taking care of her 3 yr old (probably not her child). I'm so embarassed, I gave the woman over 100 bucks for a stupid magazine subscription! So sad, people these days have to resort to taking advantage of hard-working people. I should have known better!

posted by simplify3

3737 DOMESTIC AVE SUITE 3-100 geo:lat=26.162547 geo:long=-81.76263


11/23/2008 »
Lea Smalley on Nov. 24 2010 edit · delete
I have NEVER dealt with such craziness in my life. My son-n-law and myself took out two separate subscriptions with this company in March of 2010. We changed our minds and requested a refund within three days - sending the information to them certified mail.

He got a refund in June of this year, however; they sent my refund to TX not TN!!. I called them in August to and they realized they had the incorrect address so they changed it and told me the check would be re-issued. Here it is November 24th - I just spoke to Michael Dodson - who claims to be a supervisor and his only answer is "You will just have to wait!"

I asked for their mailing address to confirm I had the correct one and he said "We can't give that out due to the fact you might me someone just calling to harass us on the phone." I'm very, very confused. This makes no sense - I need the money due to being unemployed all summer!!!.

Anyone else had better luck
Carol G. on Mar. 4 2012 edit · delete
I had two college age young men come to my door selling magazines to earn points for a trip of some sort. Very good at convincing me even though I felt unsure about it. I purchased a subscription from each of them. Later that night thought it over and followed the instructions to cancel within 3 days. Received one refund after many weeks of waiting. Even called the number to speak to someone. No such luck there, got a recording and then was automatically disconnected. I received "one" copy of magazine I did not cancel and then received a letter stating how sorry they were that I would no longer receive what I ordered and would now receive another magizine in it's place. Today I received another notice that I would no longer receive the substitute magazine and would have to choose another from a list of magazines I would never purchase much less read. This company is the most disreputable I have ever dealt with. I would strongly reccomend that if you are approached by the people working for this company BEWARE! These people are very good at sucking you in and by then it's too late!
  • Mar 4 2012

Kim Kindice on Apr. 3 2012 edit · delete
  • Apr 02

Everyone BEWARE!!!!!!! A young man came to our door while I was at work and out and out lied to my daughter regarding ERC, Inc. and what he was doing. He stated that he was collecting points to help his education, LIE, he was earning points for a trip. He said very sick children needed her help, LIE, this has nothing to do with sick children. She told him no twice and he kept pushing her to help the sick children. He misquoted the price and handed her a receipt for $63.00 when all was done and said. She called me at work bawling and apologizing for what had happened. He took advantage of a 16 year old girl through lies and deceit. He also was soliciting on a property that has several signs all throughout the property stating "NO SOLICITING" I will start the process early in the morning to get my money back but from all of the reviews I have been reading, there is not much chance of a refund happening. I will also be talking to my local authorities and reporting this young man for taking advantage of a teenager on a "No Soliciting" property. My daughter has a huge kind heart and this low life took advantage of her in my absence. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ERC, INC!!!!!!!!! >
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EDITOR + CHIEF REVIEW INC 3737 DOMESTIC AVE SUITE 3-100 geo:lat=26.162547 geo:long=-81.76263