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Singles and Business Networking - social + business club for professionals 39 to 65.
FAQ: 1. What is an InBetweener? Officially? The club is targeted for single people in the 'in-between' age of 39-65 and age verification is required. There are many organizations in Naples for people of retirement age. We wanted something for those of us that are a little younger, but not interested in Gen X or Y activities. (Unofficially, many of us are in-between many things right now - i.e.; relationships, seasonal vs. full-time residents, midlife career changes, etc. Define it for yourself.)

2. What does 'Single' mean? Anyone widowed, divorced, legally separated or never married.

3. Is it a 'meat market'? Meeting our soul mate may be one objective, but we like the club to be a place where people can 'play' together. Many of us want to be out and doing, and just want to have some people play with us, Members have commented that they have made great friends of both genders here. (True - we have also had 6 weddings between club members.)

4. How long has the club been in existence? It was started in February of 1999 and is still growing strong.

5. How many members do you have? That number is always evolving, as of our 9th birthday. Last count was over 165 members.

6. What kind of events do you do? All kinds! Sporting events, dinners out, nature events, weekend trips, card and games. We accomodate multiple interests. You name it, you organize it, we'll do it.

7. What are the annual dues? $35.00 per year payable again on the anniversary month of your joining.

8. What do I get for my dues? Full access to our website (well worth the price alone), a monthly calendar, newsletter and membership roster are provided to you as well as invitations to all club functions and discounted member prices for some events. Please note that certain parts of the website are public and open to all. As a club member you must also register on the website to receive full access to all of the calendar and member information.

9. Can I try before I buy? Guests may attend three social hours with us and/or attend activities open to guests before making your decision to join our organization.

10. What is the male/female ratio? That too is always evolving, but currently there are approximately 40% male /60% female.

11. Is there anybody my age in the club? Come and see - most of our people are between 50-65, but there are younger people who are looking for a singles home too. If you join - they will come.

12. What happens when you get married? Members who marry are invited to special events. After all - they have all been our friends for a while.

Last Updated ( Friday, 25 April 2008 )

" INBETWEENERS is a social/business club for men and women aged 39 to 65. The purpose of the club is to meet and get acquainted with other prople our age and to participate in organized activities. We meet each Wednesday night from 6-8 PM for a social hour at a designated place, rotated each month to a new location. Guests may attend 3 social hours with us and/or attend activities designated as open to guests before making a decision to join our organization. Dues are $35 per year. This covers our monthly expenses of web site hosting, monthly mailing of newsletter and membership lists, hot line expenses and office supplies including nametags. Members are also entitled to discounted prices to some club functions.

We hope you decide to join our group as we feel the INBETWEENERS provides a great way to meet new people and enjoy friendships of people in our age group.

(Note that membership approval is dependent upon age verification by a club officer.)

To become a member of the INBETWEENERS, please fill out the following form. "

To join, visit:
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