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PHBoost - AlkaLife - alkanized water Naples


PHBoost - AlkaLife - alkanized water Naples

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Leslie Diane -- on Jan. 29 2009

AlkaLife is the revolutionary water additive that produces alkaline water, a key to a long, healthy life.

1-877-411-pHup (7487) ~ 5777 English Oaks Lane ~ Naples, FL 34119-1333

AlkaLife: Alkalinity for a Healthier Life

Glass of Water with AlkaLife making it Alkaline WaterAlkaLife is a patented water additive that increases the pH value of water, thus changing ordinary drinking water into alkaline water. It simply neutralizes excess acid in the human body, thus helping the body get rid of the accumulated acidic waste products that contribute to adult diseases and promote the process of aging.

In general, most non-contagious diseases are caused by excess acid, lack of alkalinity and/or nutritional deficiency. Below is a partial list of symptoms eliminated and/or improved as reported by AlkaLife users.

* Acid Reflux * Acne * Allergies * Arthritis * Asthma * Arteriosclerosis * Bladder * Problems * Cancer * Cataract * Chronic Diarrhea

* Chronic Headaches * Constipation * Diabetes * Ear Ringing * Gout * Heart Diseases * Hemorrhoids * High Blood Pressure * High Cholesterol * Indigestion * Kidney Stones

* Kidney Disease * Lack of Energy * Nausea * Obesity * Osteoporosis * Skin Cancer * Sleeping Stroke * Tendonitis * Toe Fungus

How Alkalife Works

Many MDs misunderstand that stomach acid neutralizes alkaline water and drinking alkaline water is, therefore, useless. This is not true! The fact is that if the stomach gets too alkaline or less acidic due to drinking alkaline water, the stomach must produce more hydrochloric acid to maintain the original acidic state. In the process of producing hydrochloric acid, the stomach must also produce sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline buffer, and put it into the blood stream, making the blood more alkaline. The stomach makes hydrochloric acid by this formula:

H2O + CO2 + NaCl = HCl + NaHCO3 Water + carbon dioxide + salt = hydrochloric acid + sodium bi-carbonate

I learned this from a pathologist, Dr. Stephen Weiss. Pathologists know this process but most MDs do not.

If we look at the stomach alone, we can come to an erroneous conclusion. When we look at the body as a whole, there is a net gain of alkalinity when we drink alkaline water. This is why it doesn't make any difference whether one drinks alkaline water on an empty or a full stomach.

According to SANG WHANG'S research "One of the greatest problems of acidic waste is the fact that acid coagulates blood, which makes it too thick and as a result can clog up capillaries. For this reason many adult diseases require blood thinners. Depending upon where the body stores the acidic waste, blood circulation around that particular area becomes poor, eventually a vital body organ is unable to receive sufficient blood supply and becomes dysfunctional. Many adult degenerative diseases are the result of poor circulation. A typical example is DIABETES, which is caused by acid accumulation around the pancreas.

Malignant cancer cells are acidic, while healthy cells are alkaline. Normal cells cannot survive near areas of acidic waste accumulation, however, some people have strong survival genes that mutate to survive in an acidic environment. This is the means by which cancer cells develop. As long as the acidic environment remains unchanged, the cancer will regenerate after a supposedly "successful" tumor removal. Experienced oncologists increase the alkalinity of their patients before administering treatment, probably by injecting sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline buffer.

Acidic waste accumulates inside and outside the blood vessel. Waste particles inside the blood vessel could be very dangerous, because they can clog up capilliaries leading to particular brain cells. The human body tries to paste these waste particles on the artery walls to prevent them from floating around and doing fatal damage. This pasting action eventually leads to clogged arteries and bypass operations.

While one exercises, one's blood pressure can momentarily rise very high. A person may suffer a stroke if one or more of these floating particles of acidic waste are pushed by the high pressure and can plug up a capillary vessel leading to a critical section of the brain. This is the reason for many reported strokes during exercise. Drinking alkaline water and letting it naturally dissolve these floating waste particles can prolong life.

The fact that alkaline neutralizes acid is a basic and natural phenomenon that requires no double blind testing. Alkaline water has no nutritional or medical value to cure diseases; all it does is to neutralize the acidic waste in the human body and liquefy it for elimination by way of the kidneys.

Depending upon the individual, each one stores acidic waste in a distinct place. Based upon where the waste accumulates, disease symptoms will vary. For this reason drinking alkaline water gives different results for different people. Some people lose weight, some get rid of gout, some lower blood pressure, and some reverse breast cancer. When there is an understanding of the fact that adult degenerative diseases are caused by the accumulation of acidic waste, it is no mystery that drinking alkaline water improves health.

Acid leads to pain, disease, and death; while alkalinity leads to better health and longevity.
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PHBoost - AlkaLife - alkanized water Naples AlkaLife is the revolutionary water additive that produces alkaline water, a key to a long, healthy life.