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Jobs being created in Collier County, Fla thanks to roads department.


Jobs being created in Collier County, Fla thanks to roads department.

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More than $28 million will be spent on Jolly Bridge.

COLLIER COUNTY — The Collier County transportation department is getting ready to hang a ‘Help Wanted’ sign.

Though other areas of the public and private sector are constricting, the county still needs workers to build planned road projects.

And with the largest of Collier County’s infrastructure projects in line for federal stimulus funding, the area could see hundreds of jobs generated.

Nicholas Casalanguida, Collier’s transportation planning director, will preview upcoming and planned capital projects from the state and the county that will total more than $100 million at a Tuesday workshop at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. The workshop is designed specifically for planning, engineering and design and construction professionals specializing in infrastructure improvements.

“We’re very exited to host the workshop and we’re excited that the county is in a position to put local companies back to work,” said Michele Klinowski, vice president of the Chamber.

However, no one will be hired at Tuesday’s meeting, said Connie Deane, spokeswoman for the county’s transportation department.

The construction of Marco Island’s Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge will generate about 800 jobs alone, Florida Department of Transportation spokeswoman Debbie Tower said.

More than $28 million will be spent building a new span and rehabilitating the old bridge to create two lanes in each direction.

Tower said FDOT couldn’t predict if the jobs would be temporary or permanent, but they would last at least two years, during the bridge’s construction.

Ultimately, those jobs would also stimulate the local economy since many employees would be visiting local businesses, she said.

A contractor would be hired, who would then hire crews to build the bridge. Some would be hired locally while others may come from other counties, Tower said.

The project is anticipated to go out to bid “very soon,” Tower said.

Casalanguida said he will give an update at Tuesday’s meeting of what the county has planned in the next two years, both with and without stimulus money.

“This is just to let people know that infrastructure is still out there and jobs will be available,” Casalanguida said.

Future road improvement projects in Collier County include Oil Well Road, Davis Boulevard, Collier Boulevard, the U.S. 41 and Collier Boulevard intersection and various small projects.

The Urban Land Institute, Economic Development Council and the Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the program.

The chamber expects more than 70 attendees, officials said.


For more information on potential projects receiving federal stimulus funding, visit
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Jobs being created in Collier County, Fla thanks to roads department. More than $28 million will be spent on Jolly Bridge.