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Naples businesses hiring locally


Naples businesses hiring locally

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Naples Grande Beach Resort is hiring locally this year.

"SWFL businesses hiring locally By Nicole Papageorge

NORTH NAPLES - Southwest Florida businesses say they're hiring more locals instead of finding their employees outside the country.

The Naples Grande Beach Resort used to employ many foreign workers.

"Two and a half years ago, our resort had 25%-30% of international workers," says Jeff Weller with the Naples Grande.

In the past, not as many people needed jobs in Southwest Florida. So, the hotel hired from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania. But, employers had to travel overseas and that got costly.

"International workers are skilled, but its much easier to hire locally," says Weller.

The economic meltdown has stopped the hotel from looking internationally. Weller says hiring local talent is something they're proud of.

"We have a lot of campaigns to keep it home and invest in the community in terms of hiring," says Weller.

The Naples Grande Beach Resort is also helping the local economy by having staff work different jobs to avoid layoffs. Patricia Maguera is one of those workers. She's worked as a concierge for the past two years at the Naples Grande, but now she also works phones for the hotel.

"Of course in this economy it is wonderful to have the hours and it makes you more knowledgeable in other areas," says Maguera.

The Naples Grande will begin hiring employees in August. "

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Naples businesses hiring locally Naples Grande Beach Resort is hiring locally this year.