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Dean Sena of World Business Brokers, named “America’s Best Business Broker”

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Dean Sena of World Business Brokers, named “America’s Best Business Broker” by NABB, the National Association of Business Brokers.

Aug 31, 2009 – Dean Sena of World Business Brokers, named “America’s Best Business Broker” by NABB, the National Association of Business Brokers, is in the business of negotiating deals rather than promoting his Miami based brokerage business and his own celebrity. He is focused on helping his clients’ develop their companies to adapt and prosper in all economic climates. “There is a real economy out there for companies that manufacture products in several industries including aviation and aerospace, healthcare and medical, recycling and environmental bio products. "Especially with tough economic times, people recognize that a strategic acquisition or timely divestiture can help a company not only survive the times, but adapt and grow,” said Dean Sena, CEO and President of Word Business Brokers.

Having successfully negotiated several billion dollars worth of highly sensitive and confidential transactions for some of the world’s most prestigious companies, he has the experience, expertise and connections to assemble the right players to produce the right results.

“Acting as a global organization provides a full spectrum of objective, confidential services, through international technology, all linked to the global economy. With the shifting market, it’s understanding not only worldwide monetary changes, but balancing experience with innovation while providing value,” according to Dean Sena. He is confident that his thirty plus years of consistent transactions in the business can help any corporation, large or small, to merge, acquire or divest accordingly.

One of the secrets to his success has been his ability to develop over the years, a close working relationship with the leaders and key senior executives of several industries. That has translated into successful transactions around the world for his company.

There are several major factors that must be taken into consideration for a successful transaction. Key is the readiness of the people in the deal. "It might be the perfect match, but if the readiness is not there, it will never happen," Dean Sena explains.

"These are multi-faceted, complex transactions that have to take into account, not only the value that it provides to both parties, but the strategic direction of each, and the chemistry of the team as well. It is not enough to just be ready. The transaction has to provide enough value, and then, be in line with both companies’ strategic direction in order to make the deal move forward to completion. The right team with the right value will bring the proper execution of the deal, and that is my expertise,” Dean Sena is quoted as saying.

World Business Brokers’ reputation for deal making proficiency remains strong. Even with the economic storm, corporate deal maker Dean Sena has been widely recognized for his achievements in mergers and acquisitions. He has been steadily operating his business for the past thirty years, built on hundreds of successful transactions and closings worth billions of dollars. The Florida based World Business Brokers, with offices in Fort Myers as well as Miami, has executed more than $10 Billion in transactions since Dean Sena established the business in 1970. With his company owned real estate on Route one in Miami, he gets the most return per square foot than probably any other business in the country.

“The company does about fifty deals a year, which includes handling divestitures, merger and acquisitions, joint ventures and venture capital , especially in the health care and aerospace industries,” Sena reported.

Although Sena’s largest deal so far was the Saronix buyout of one of the largest producers of electronic components in the world, the crystal and oscillator manufacturing division of Philips Electronics, N. V. , other prominent deals transacted include the Eriks N.V. buyout of R.S. Hoose & Co Aerospace, the Heico Corporation aka Lufthansa Airlines’ buyout of Northwings Aviation, and the Air Operations buyout of White Aviation. Then there was also General Goodman Etal buyout of Arvico Aviation/Ground Support , and the sale of Airpro Aviation Machining to Air Investments that same year.

Finding the deals and managing them, negotiating and executing the deal to completion is the mission and personal undertaking of Dean Sena, CEO and the leader of the team of international professionals that he has worked with over the years. The management experience, coupled with his expertise and professional connections in global business brokering, mergers and acquisitions is the winning combination for dealmaker Dean Sena. “Not many business brokers have the ability to provide the international connection that World Business Broker brings to the table, “said Dean Sena. “World Business Brokers, however, works with foreign, international and offshore banks as well as major international corporations. Acting as a global organization provides the client with a full spectrum of confidential services,” Dean Sena explains. “Right now, we have qualified cash buyers from target growth industries, strong companies with innovative assets,” according to Dean Sena. “For example, we have buyers that want to acquire companies with interests in several industries including Healthcare Properties like Nursing Homes, Clinics and/or manufacturing of healthcare and medical products and equipment. We also have buyers that are looking to acquire manufacturers and distributors for all types of products as well.”

Dean Sena looks at whether the transaction fits the company’s long term plans. His company considers how the deal would affect the company’s earnings, growth strategy and shareholder’s earnings. “We are now looking to fulfill our clients’ merger and acquisition portfolios and , we now have more requests for business’ than we have business listings for sale,” Dean Sena exclaimed referring to the unusually high number of requests for mergers and acquisitions.

“It’s a Seller’s market, exactly the opposite of the real estate market now. So there’s a huge opportunity for the business owner to sell and for corporations to divest at a more favorable earnings rate multiple than in previous years when the real estate market was escalating.” World Business Brokers has been commended for negotiating deals that meet the strategic objectives, and targets of its’ clients, and for prices paid for the deal. Dean Sena in particular is noted for his skill in negotiating and executing the transaction. “World Business Broker has delivered a higher return on earnings with the deals that we have structured, in comparison to industry peers,” according to dealmaker, Dean Sena. One thing is for sure, Dean Sena brings an attractive, value added dimension to a business brokerage transaction that probably would not have happened without him.

World Business Brokers Inc. is located in Miami and Ft. Myers, Florida. Contact 305 992 6253.

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Dean Sena of World Business Brokers, named “America’s Best Business Broker” Dean Sena of World Business Brokers, named “America’s Best Business Broker” by NABB, the National Association of Business Brokers.