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Naples guitar lessons


Naples guitar lessons

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Jan. 27 2010, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

Hello my fellow Napolean, I am Brad Stevens, a local guitar instructor. I have been playing over 12 years and absolutely love music and specifically playing guitar. I have derived my own instruction system using multiple methods combined and specifically finding the best way you learn to expedite your guitar learning adventure. I charge $30.00 per hour, and as a part of my seasonal special I am offering the first lesson free when you book a month (minimum 1 per week, OR 2 weeks with 2 per week depending on package) The biggest difference between myself and other instructors is I don't select MY music for your learning, whatever is your cup of tea is what we will be learning. I love experimenting with different genres and personally have interest in everything from Blues (slide and standard), Rock(anything from 50's to now), Jazz, Funk, Bluegrass (Mountain music/ Ole Time music), Southern Rock and Country, Classical, and just about any other genre you can name. I personally in my own composition regularly experiment with world music for different structures of keys and rhythm. I have students that like to come once a week and that gives you plenty of time to practice to work into busy schedules, and then for technique mastering and to expedite the learning process, most students come twice a week. I recommend you practice for at least 1 hour each and every day, the more you practice the quicker you will see yourself advance. Lessons are available Monday through Saturday from 8am until 5pm (So the last lesson of the day ending at 6pm) exceptions have been made in the past but in general I have been really busy as I started another company doing internet marketing for local companies, but teaching and playing guitar has always been my passion so I always make time for it. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing some progress through their playing and much fun and enjoyment can be had out of learning an instrument. For more advanced guitarist I also offer lessons and help with using effects properly and tastefully, everything from Wah pedals, to Flangers, Phasers, Tremolo, Delay, etc... And also personally am a huge fan of the "guitar sound effect" world, I love getting new and unique sounds out. Also if you have any guitar setup or  repair needs I myself do handle quite a bit, and anything I wouldn't take on (smashed body, cracked neck) I can definitely recommend you to the right people. I install pickups, electronic parts, modifications, work extensively with Floyd Rose bridge systems, and have learned first hand from a luthier when I was living in Iowa prior to moving to Naples. As with my marketing business, and in life in general, Professionalism is of the up-most importance and I really aim to not just teach you guitar but help you diverge into the world of music in your own taste, not just my own influence pushing you. If you do not have an instrument currently I regularly have friends and clients selling and looking for new instruments so I usually have an in for whatever you may need from an acoustic, electric, amp, pedals, etc... Please feel free to give me a call anytime and if I don't answer I am probably in a lesson or a meeting, be sure to leave a message with your name and number and the best time to reach you. I really look forward to speaking. Thank you so much for your time.


Brad Stevens

Stronger Than All Solutions 239.222.9966
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Naples guitar lessons