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IMPORTANT: Major Collier County govt mailing address changes.

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avatarUdut, Kenneth -- on Nov. 5 2010, from Golden Gate Estates, Naples, FL
Founder of this Naples site of NeighborHelp Referrals.

Big changes to sending mail to Collier County government.


Collier County Complex Address Changes

Beginning November 1, 2010 buildings within the Collier County Government Complex will have new addresses and, in many cases, suite numbers. The current address for the entire complex - 3301 E. Tamiami Trail – will no longer be valid. Following November 1, mail sent to the 3301 address will be rerouted internally to the correct address for an interim period of time. Also, building letters or building names will no longer be a part of official addresses. The zip code for the entire complex will remain the same - 34112 - although a zip + 4 system will be implemented.

An example of a new address:

Collier County Government Office of the County Manager 3299 Tamiami Trail E., Suite 202 Naples FL 34112-5746

The address changes are being made at the direction of the U.S. Postal Service.

A list of the new addresses and suite numbers is below:

OrganizationAddress #Suite #Zip+4
Human Resources3303Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4961
Supervisor of Elections3295Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-5758
Risk Management3311Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Medical Clinic3311Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Administrative Services Division3311Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Snack Bar3307Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4903
Communication & Customer Relations3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 102Naples, FL34112-5746
Coastal Zone Management3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 103Naples, FL34112-5746
Congressman Connie Mack3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 105Naples, FL34112-5746
Office of Management and Budget3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 201Naples, FL34112-5746
Office of the County Manager3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 202Naples, FL34112-5746
State Representative Matt Hudson3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 212Naples, FL34112-5746
State Senator Garrett Richter3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 203Naples, FL34112-5746
County Commissioners3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 303Naples, FL34112-5746
State Representative Tom Grady3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 304Naples, FL34112-5746
State Representative David Rivera3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 305Naples, FL34112-5746
Clerk of Courts Minutes & Records3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 401Naples, FL34112-5746
Clerk of Courts Accounting3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 402Naples, FL34112-5746
Clerk of Courts Finance3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 403Naples, FL34112-5746
Clerk of Courts MIS3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 501Naples, FL34112-5746
Information Technology Dept.3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 600Naples, FL34112-5746
Clerk's Finance Department3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 700Naples, FL34112-5746
County Attorney's Office3299Tamiami Trail E.Suite 800Naples, FL34112-5746
Purchasing Department3327Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Health Department3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 145Naples, FL34112-5361
Women's Health Foundation3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 146Naples, FL34112-5361
Public Services3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 214Naples, FL34112-5361
Housing, Human and Veteran Services3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 211Naples, FL34112-5361
Public Services Administration3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 301Naples, FL34112-5361
Solid Waste Management3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 302Naples, FL34112-5361
Public Utilities3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 303Naples, FL34112-5361
Pollution Control3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 304Naples, FL34112-5361
Public Utilities Operations3339Tamiami Trail E.Suite 305Naples, FL34112-5361
Sheriff's Office3319Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Jail Addition3347Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Probation Department3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 101Naples, FL34112-5324
Clerk of Courts3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 102Naples, FL34112-5324
Staff Attorneys3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 201Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Janeice Martin3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 202Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Lauren Brodie3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 203Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Cynthia Pivacek3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 204Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Michael Provost3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 205Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Robert Crown3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 206Naples, FL34112-5324
CCSO Bailiff's Bureau3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 207Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Vince Murphy3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 301Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Ramiro Manalich3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 302Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Mike Carr3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 303Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Eugene Turner3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 304Naples, FL34112-5324
Vacant - Senior Judge3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 305Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge James Shenko3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 401Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Elizabeth Krier3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 402Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Hugh Hayes3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 403Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Frederick Hardt3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 404Naples, FL34112-5324
Judge Franklin Baker3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 405Naples, FL34112-5324
Court Administration3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 501Naples, FL34112-5324
Interpreter3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 502Naples, FL34112-5324
Electronic Court Reporting3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 503Naples, FL34112-5324
Mediation/Arbitration3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 504Naples, FL34112-5324
Law Library3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 505Naples, FL34112-5324
Teen Court3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 506Naples, FL34112-5324
Court Technology3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 507Naples, FL34112-5324
Citizen's Foster Care Review Board3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 508Naples, FL34112-5324
Magistrate3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 509Naples, FL34112-5324
Public Defender3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 510Naples, FL34112-5324
Guardian Ad Litem3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 601Naples, FL34112-5324
State Attorney3315Tamiami Trail E.Suite 602Naples, FL34112-5324
Museum3331Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Facilities Management3335Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-5356
Clerk's Warehouse3335Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-5356
Juvenile Center3351Tamiami Trail E.Naples, FL34112-4901
Chiller Plant3323Tamiami Trail E.Suite No MailNaples, FL34112-4901
Jail Parking Deck3343Tamiami Trail E.Suite No MailNaples, FL34112-4901
Courthouse Parking Deck3355Tamiami Trail E.Suite No MailNaples, FL34112-4901
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IMPORTANT: Major Collier County govt mailing address changes. Big changes to sending mail to Collier County government.