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Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mercedes Benz


Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mercedes Benz

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Maintaining a Mercedes Benz or any high end car requires extreme care. B& speaks about the various factors you need to be aware in order to keep our vehicle in top running condition.

Ventura, CA: Mercedes Benz cars are well known for their quality German engineering and expert craftsmanship delivering high performance, capturing the imagination of car lovers all over the world. Mercedes vehicles are very popular for their cutting edge technology and have established themselves as a luxury symbol. To maintain these high end cars properly, the following tips will help you.

Fuel Filter When the vehicle runs too long using the same fuel filter, the flow of fuel to the engine gets restricted. This causes trouble while starting the vehicle, which leads to loss of power and delay in movement. The contaminants in fuel system can cause hindrance to the smooth drive, if the clog injector inlet screens are not trapped by the filter.

Ignition System Parts Spark plugs give an indication of overall engine condition. Technicians are able to determine any problems by inspecting the spark plugs. Performance of a Mercedes can be enhanced by replacing the old spark plugs.

Transmission Filter To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, the smooth operation of the transmission is vital. Transmission slippage, gear engagement issues and hesitation are some of the problems which arise when the transmission filter becomes clogged. Transmission filter should be replaced regularly to extend the life of the automatic transmission.

Air Filter Air filters usually trap dirt and other airborne particles. They help to protect carburetors on older vehicles, preventing clogging of air bleeds and metering jets. Air filters also protect fuel injectors. A clogged or dirty air filter will reduce the performance of engines by blocking the air flow.

Oil Filter Replacing the oil filter is a simple task and it is necessary for every vehicle. Oil filters removes rust and some other solid contaminants from the oil, which helps in a cleaner and more efficient engine.

Fluid Levels Fluid levels include transmission, oil, coolants, washer, and power steering fluids which should be checked monthly. Mercedes works really better if these are properly maintained.

Oxygen (O2) Sensors The oxygen sensor helps in monitoring the oxygen level of the exhaust. It allows the computer to adjust the air/fuel mixture to reduce the level of emissions and fuel consumption. It should be replaced timely to restore the optimal engine performance.

Tires Tires play a significant part in the safety, longevity, fuel economy, as well as in performance of the vehicle. Checking the air pressure in tires is also an essential criterion in vehicle maintenance.

B& offers a complete service by qualified, factory-trained technicians who are experts in maintaining imported vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes Benz or Volvo Automobile in top running condition. They have a highly trained team of technicians with over 150 years of combined experience.

B&C Foreign Car has been in the business of BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volvo automotive diagnostics, service, maintenance and repair for over thirty seven years under the same ownership and in the same location in Ventura, California.

For more information about Mercedes repair in Ventura CA and Volvo repair in CA, please visit:

Contact: 241 San Clemente St. Ventura, California 93001 Tel. 805-643-9029 Social Media links Facebook:
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Maintenance and Repair Tips for Mercedes Benz Maintaining a Mercedes Benz or any high end car requires extreme care. B& speaks about the various factors you need to be aware in order to keep our vehicle in top running condition.