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Workplace safety!


Workplace safety!

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Like in homes, you cannot think of your daily errands without electricity.

Like in homes, you cannot think of your daily errands without electricity. Similar is the case of offices, business houses, restaurants, hotels, shops, markets, malls. The lights, fans, air conditioners, photocopy machine, fax machine, computer, laptops, coffee machine; the list of electrical equipment goes on. This itself shows the significance of electricity. It is noteworthy that in the malls, hotels, industries, and restaurants the frequency of electrical appliances increases manifold.

The electrical appliance has led to an easier and more comfortable working environment. But these if not used properly lead to hazardous effects on both man and machine.

Tips to be followed at workplace:-

The following tips should be followed at the workplace-

• The workers working at an office should make sure to use the appliance, closest to the plug socket. So that when required the power can be switched off. • The power switches should be clearly visible. So that when needed the time is not wasted in searching for the power switch. • On all the appliances which are not in use it is mandatory to put a label of “NOT IN USE”. Also they should be kept away, dumped or repaired in time. • Sometime the workers pull the cable to remove the plug from the socket. This is a strict no. The plug should firmly be held inhand before removing it from the socket. • Be it the microwave or a toaster or a photocopy machine, it is important to switch them off, before cleaning. • If the cable or the wire looks worn off, no need to take chance, replace it or get it repaired. • In order to avoid over plugging of any socket, make sure to make enough socket points. • It is important to make all the electrical installation done by a good electrician company. Like the Electricians London, which are experienced to do versatile work. • It is also very important to maintain the appliances, by getting them tested regularly. • The employers should be trained about the appliance schematics. • Also they should be well knowledgeable about the safety procedures.

Installation of Appliances at the workplace:-

When a new office is being constructed or new appliances need to be installed. Then in such a case service of an electrician is required. The electrician or the electrician company should be able to do versatile types of work like handling the appliances, wiring, correcting the fuse etc. The company should be chosen as in accordance with the credentials. For installation of the appliance it is important that the company which is conducting the process is having license. Also a thorough check of their background should be done. The company should be ready to work at all time, as in accordance with the customers’needs. Also one must make sure to check that the company electricians are all experienced and never interfere in the regular working of the office.

There are many good companies like Electricians London which are just a phone away to solve all your electricity related problems. So go ahead pick out the best and be safe!
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Workplace safety! Like in homes, you cannot think of your daily errands without electricity.