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Threats from the internet

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Creating a safe environment from which you can log on to the worldwide network of the internet is one of the challenges that are facing people and businesses. The presence of hacking groups is leading to many sites getting broken into. Individuals and businesses are always required to be on the guard against innocuous looking emails which can turn out to be spam. The latest example of this scourge of technology has been emails that are related to the Winter Olympics. One of the simplest ways to avoid spam is to avoid providing mobile numbers and email ids on public platforms. The next step is to be careful when some site asks for such information. When submitting details without having full knowledge of the site and its policies, the information is apt to be sold to companies that are on the lookout for marketing opportunities. This information may end up in the wrong hands and the user could be subjected to a phishing scam. Activity in chat rooms and forums needs to be done by providing a different email id other than the one used for personal mail. Spam has the ability to implant spyware and malware into the systems of targeted users. Spyware is designed to steal information while malware is made to wreck. The settings in the mail service have to be changed to the highest level of protection as there is no assurance against the malicious capabilities that are engaged in an all-out effort to breach security. Once the safeguard has picked out something to be spam, the user has to report it to the provider of the email service, as it would then be added to the database of known offenders. The attachments of images to mails can be a way for the sender to know that the mail has been received and opened by a recipient. This can be prevented by using the settings to stop images and logos from automatically opening when the mail is opened by the user. The use of the bcc option can keep the addresses of acquaintances safe when the user is sending a mail to a large number of recipients, who might not be aware of each other. The crux of the issue is that the email address should not land up in the wrong hands, as from then on, it will be a continuous barrage of attempts to get some information out of the user or to cause damage to the user’s software and hardware. Sensitive data that resides on the system can be compromised and used to infiltrate into the banking transactions of the user. Data recovery can become a big crisis if a worm has caused damage to the system of the user. Replying to a spam mail can be a high risk activity as is the opening of attachments on mails that look fishy. The employment of anti-virus software can be an effective means to stay safe from threats but it still requires watchfulness of the user.

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Threats from the internet