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The UK, Feb 13th, 2014: A wide selection of products is now available through that allows consumers to treat their thinning hair or baldness without professional medical attention. Self-conscious consumers now have a reliable option to turn to.

After recognising that many people who suffer from thinning hair or baldness are self-conscious about their condition, began offering a variety of Minoxidil products (including Minoxidil 2%) through their website. These products are specially designed to stimulate hair growth and are meant to be used over an extended period of time to warrant the best results.

When it comes to Minoxidil, women and men can benefit. The Hair loss is not specific to any one gender and it can also happen at any age. has stocked their inventory with a range of products, some catering directly to women while others designed especially for men. Consumers have the option of reading in-depth product descriptions and even reviewing active ingredients before making a purchase option through the website.

Hair loss is often the root of confidence issues in both women and men, especially for those in their 20’s and 30’s who may be experiencing thinning hair for the first time in their lives. Products like Minoxidil (women and men’s formulas) have completely revolutionised the way that the everyday consumer treats his or her condition. Without the embarrassment of visiting a hair clinic or the price of paying for hair plugs, consumers will be more likely to explore their options. The over-the-counter products available through are ideal for any individual in this situation. recognised the embarrassment that many consumers were faced with and worked to change the way shampoos, foams and gels were distributed in this industry. Their website now offers extended treatment plans on various products as well. This provides consumers with the option to purchase up to 12 months of treatments in just one order. For customers who would prefer to purchase in smaller increments or would like to try a product prior to committing, shorter durations are also available.

By providing an outlet that is not only reliable, but also confident, this website has made treating hair loss and baldness more practical for the everyday consumer.

About the company:

Though the company has been recently established, it takes every possible step to please its customers. It ensures that the delivery of every order is done within a time period of 7 days. The product quality ensures superiority. Therefore, if you plan to place future orders for the amazing Rogaine shampoo you need to contact

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