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Home Saunas - Which Kind Is Right for You?


Home Saunas - Which Kind Is Right for You?

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Several great options exist for people who wish to enhance their home with the addition of an indoor or outdoor sauna.

Several great options exist for people who wish to enhance their home with the addition of an indoor or outdoor 2 person sauna. Quick Assembly is the mark of the Pre-built Sauna Modular or pre-built sauna kits, also known as prefab kits, are recommended for folks who, for whatever reason, want a home sauna that is easy to assemble, dismantle, move and re-assemble. Only a few tools (like a hammer and square), the most basic carpentry skills, and an extra set of hands should be needed to assemble a modular unit properly. Even the time required for assembly - about two to three hours - is a small investment, so you and your friend should be able to enjoy your unit on the same day that you build it.

Sauna Kits or Outdoor sauna Material Packages are Available for the Handy Do-It-Yourself Home Owner Pre-cut sauna kits or D-I-Y sauna kits typically appeal to homeowners who are confident enough in their abilities to take on rewarding do-it-yourself home renovation projects. Pre-cut sauna kits normally contain all of the materials needed for a permanent installation. Correctly building a sauna from a pre-cut kit, however, requires more time, tools and talent than assembling a pre-built does. The instructions that come with each sauna package are usually customized for each layout as ordered. The typical saving of over $2,000 is a large enticement for the home owner to start the sauna building job.

To many enthusiasts, no sauna, pre-built, pre-cut or otherwise, is an authentic traditional Finnish sauna if it lacks any of several essential elements: a heater or stove; rocks; high temperatures and water to help regulate the humidity level. These elements are absolutely essential so they can work together to create the ideal sauna bath setting for the Finnish sauna fan.

Consider a Portable Sauna - One That Can be Assembled Anywhere A new type of sauna is now emerging on the North American market - the portable outdoor sauna that requires no electricity. Developed in Europe, these soft sided tent structures function very well even in winter as they retain the heat due to the tight weave of the material. Heated by a wood burning stove, the warm up time is a fast 30 to 40 minutes. But the good news is that these saunas can be erected anywhere as no building permit is required. You cab easily dismantle the portable sauna when it is time to bring it home from the cottage for the winter.

Portable outdoor saunas will become the final frontier for sauna development. A similar portable sauna has been in use for decades by Finnish military peacekeepers who have always required a sauna to be near their camp. If you are looking to buy a sauna kit for your home or cottage, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the many types of saunas on the market. Talk to a knowledgeable sauna expert about your individual needs in relation to the various options available. The more informed you are before you buy your unit, the happier you will be after you have made your purchase.

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Home Saunas - Which Kind Is Right for You? Several great options exist for people who wish to enhance their home with the addition of an indoor or outdoor sauna.