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Creative Ways to Update a Kitchen


Creative Ways to Update a Kitchen

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There seems to be a standard trend when it comes to decorating a kitchen, and most homeowners typically follow that generic trend to some extent. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and steer it away from the typical kitchen looks, here are several ways to make your kitchen your own. If you cannot even fathom upgrading your kitchen in fear of the cost, several of these suggestions are easy to complete without a professional and on a tight budget. So before ruling out the idea of a kitchen make over, check out these ideas and then make your decision.

Using bold colors Bold colors make a statement, and luckily they stay in style if used correctly. Instead of painting the walls to add a splash of color to your kitchen, paint unexpected areas bold colors such as table legs, chairs or doors. Adding color adds personality and is definitely an inexpensive way to make your kitchen feel like new. Choosing colors can be the difficult part, and unfortunately there is not a list of paint colors that work and ones that do not work. It is up to you to determine which colors you like and work in your kitchen. Choosing paint colors is half the fun, though!

DIY projects that add character Many people look at projects and automatically assume they would have to hire a professional to complete them. We live in a do-it-yourself world, and if you are relying on professionals to complete your home projects, it is time to rely on yourself. Not only will you be surprised by your own skills, you will save tons of money without the cost of hiring a professional. Backsplashes are always in style, and surprisingly easy to install. Do not be afraid to use unique tiles or colors because the more creative it is, the better it will look.

Unique light fixtures Can lights or fluorescent lights are the typical light fixtures for kitchens, so avoid them like crazy. Instead, choose unique hanging fixtures to give a kitchen style. Light fixtures can be found at affordable prices, and the more unique the light fixtures are, the more character your kitchen will have. This Old House suggests choosing semi-flush mounts because they make an elegant and stylish statement without calling too much attention to themselves. Be careful not to go too bold with light fixtures because you do not want all the attention to be on them.

Reupholster and repurpose furniture Put your kitchen furniture to work so you get the most out of it. Turn your boxy bar into a bookshelf for all the cookbooks you have collected over the years, ultimately opening up valuable cabinet space. Making seat covers for stools and chairs is another simple and affordable project that is easy to change with the trends. Covers are a better alternative to actual permanent upholstery because you can slide them off and wash them regularly making life much easier.

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Creative Ways to Update a Kitchen